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Taking Action

Community Gardening

A community garden is a place where people who don’t have space of their own can grow their own produce.  We have 41 garden plots that are a minimal fee of $25 per year to rent.

Nothing helps communities take root like gardening! More info: 350-9774


10 Reasons to Garden

  1. You can make new friends – Otherwise diverse gardeners come together, information is shared, relationships develop and people feel connected to the larger community of gardeners.

  2. It can improve the way neighborhoods look – When unsightly vacant lots are replaced with gardens of fruits, flowers and vegetables the area looks improved, maintained and occupied.

  3. It’s good for your health —Constant supplies of fresh, organic produce do wonders for your diet. Gardening is also great exercise and working outside in the fresh air can be a great stress reliever.

  4. It increases biodiversity – People planting heirloom vegetables and fruits and experimenting with non-indigenous plants help to increase biodiversity.

  5. It teaches about water conservation – Greeley community gardens use drip irrigation, which is a highly efficient watering system that significantly reduces runoff and evaporation.

  6. You get to see birds and other wildlife – Bird sightings to date include robins, meadowlarks, doves, kingbirds, black birds, and occasionally owls. You see rabbits too and groundhogs too!

  7. It produces food locally —Knowing that what you serve your family was not produced with chemicals and did not travel cross-country or around the world to get to your table is a good thing!

  8. You can supplement your income —With climbing gas and food prices, who doesn’t need a few extra bucks every now and then? Growing your own produce really can slash grocery bills.

  9. It’s a great learning opportunity — Through the program Master Gardeners conduct workshops on topics such as seasonal plantings, pest management, and bulbs.

  10. It helps build community — Religious groups, schools, non-profits and similar community groups are always looking for projects; community gardening is a great way to get involved!

Neighbor Labor

Partnering with service organizations to match volunteers with elderly or disabled people needing help with home-maintenance projects.

More info: 350-9774 or view brochure

Neighborhood Improvement Grant


Funding for neighborhood improvements.

Block Parties

A great way to get to know your neighbors!

Plans, Studies, Profiles & Progress Reports

We help neighborhoods address future challenges and plan for a successful future. More info: 350-9774