City Of Greeley

Liquor Licensing

Liquor Licensing is administered by the City Clerk's Office and involves everything from accepting liquor license applications to processing those applications and holding administrative hearings.

The liquor laws of the State of Colorado restrict the sale and dispensing of alcohol beverages. Any person intending to manufacture, sell, or deal in spirituous liquor in the State of Colorado must apply for a liquor license.

Upcoming Hearings

If you are an owner/manager of a business or a resident within a one-half mile radius of a new or existing liquor licensed establishment you are considered a party in interest and have the opportunity to participate in public hearings that determine the outcome of these applications.

You may do so by attending the public hearing or by submitting petitions, letters, or offerings of support or opposition to the granting of liquor-related applications to the City Clerk's Office, 1000 10th Street, Greeley CO 80631, anytime prior to the scheduled public hearing. The application in its entirety is available for inspection and review in the City Clerk's Office as well.

Check back soon for information on the next hearing.

Application for a New Liquor License

Application packets are available at the City Clerk's Office for $25, or you may view or download a packet at no charge. You may stop by our offices to pick one up, at 1000 10th Street, phone us at (970) 350-9743 or email Cheryl Aragon with any questions you may have.  Since there are numerous forms to fill out and steps to follow, we recommend reviewing the comprehensive application packet with one of us to assure a smooth application process.  You may also view the Liquor Licensing Q & A with a complete list of FAQ's.

All forms must be typed or printed in black ink, accurate, complete in all aspects, and properly executed. All applications must be submitted in duplicate along with City and State application and license fees. Remember, the $25 you paid for a notebook is deductible from your City application fees at the time of submittal for processing, with proof of payment. The City Clerk's Office cannot process an incomplete application.

You may want to contact the following Department/Divisions for information regarding additional information and/or licenses that might be required as part of your liquor license application: Finance Department, Sales Tax/Business Licensing, 350-9733; Community Development, Planning Division, 350-9780; Community Development, Building Inspection Division, 350-9830; Union Colony Fire & Rescue Authority, 350-9514; Police Department, Liquor Investigations, 350-9683; Weld County Health Department, 304-6415 Ext. 2212.

Since approval of a liquor license requires a two-tier approval process, you may want to visit the State of Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division's web site for information at the state level.

Special Events Liquor License

Special Event Liquor Licenses are also available.  An application packet is also available for this type of license.  These licenses allow a qualified organization to sell or dispense alcohol beverages in conjunction with fund raising and other activities while insuring full compliance with all applicable state and local laws and ordinances. 

Renewals & Changes

Liquor licenses are valid for one year from the date of the approval by the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division and must be renewed each year. Approximately 90 days prior to the expiration date of the license, one will receive a renewal application from the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division. This will need to be completed and signed, with the appropriate state and local fees attached, and submitted to the City Clerk's Office for processing.

Approximately 60 days prior to the expiration date of the license, one will receive a reminder letter from the City Clerk's Office. Renewal applications must be accompanied by both city and state fees and submitted no later than 45 days before the license expires.

If you do not receive your renewal application from the state and your expiration date is near, please contact us. It is important that one do this since failure to renew by that date will result in expiration of one's license.

Any changes in operating manager , corporate or trade name, corporate partner, partnership, location, change or transfer of ownership , limited liability director, stockholder company member, or modification of licensed premises must be reported to the City Clerk's Office for consideration by both the local and state licensing authorities.

The licensee must also maintain possession of the premises for the entire licensed period by virtue of a lease, assignment of lease, or deed to the licensed premises.

Upcoming Training for Licensees

There is an upcoming training being offered to Greeley liquor licensees.  The Responsible Vendor Training will focus on the prevention of the sale and service of alcohol beverages to underage persons and to visibly intoxicated persons, as well as offers techniques for recognizing fake or altered forms of identification.  For more information, please review the Responsible Vendor Training brochure.


If you just need an individual form, see the following list.