City Of Greeley

Records Management

The City Clerk's Office is responsible for Records Management for the City of Greeley.

Inactive Records are transferred from other departments and maintained by the City Clerk's Office. (This does not include any Police Records, as they are maintained by the Police Department Records Division). Laserfiche, a document imaging program supported by the City Clerk's Office, is also used for quick retrieval of documents by its users.

For copies of any recent Council agendas or Council minutes, Click Here. If you would like a copy of the the Municipal Charter or the Municipal Code of Ordinances, Click Here .

Also, for copies of any resolutions, ordinances, previous Council minutes, or previous Council agendas, you can access our LaserFiche WebLink software to view and download them.  Just follow the instructions listed below the login screen.

Open Records Requests – The City of Greeley has a decentralized Open Records Request Policy.  Many requests can be handled directly with the department responsible for keeping those records.  For example, if you are interested in a building permit on file at the Inspections Division or a copy of a police report, you are invited to contact those departments directly.  

For a large quantity of records, records that will take a significant amount of time or technical work to compile or provide, or records associated with certain areas of local government such as the City Council, City Manager and Human Resources, a call or email to the City Clerk’s Office is required. 

The person or organization requesting the records will be responsible for completing a Public Records Request Form and for copying and other reasonable processing expenses the City incurs to provide the information being requested. 

To inquire further, call the City Clerk’s Office at 350-9770 or emailing Russ Lenhart.