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1100 Tenth Street
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Building Inspection

This Division ensures building safety through the review of building plans, issuance of building permits, building inspections, and the uniform enforcement of various codes and regulations.

We also respond to complaints or observation of buildings which endanger life, health, property or public safety and sets forth conditions for their demolition or repair.

Contact us via email with questions or concerns.

Building Permits

In the City of Greeley, the erection, construction, alteration, repair, moving or demolition of a building or structure requires a building permit. An application for a permit can be obtained at the Building Inspection Division or by clicking the following links. All related plans should be submitted with the application, which will be reviewed by all city departments for code compliance.

Request an application
You can request an application by clicking on the following links, by phone (970) 350-9830, email, or in person.

Commercial Building Permit Application
Residential Building Permit Application
Short Form Permit Application

Fill out application entirely and submit back to our office with proper plans attached.

Fee Assessment
Depending on value of job - Fee's may apply at time of submittal. There are some set fees and some are based on valuation. A worksheet is available for your use to determine plan review fee.

2006 Fee Schedule

New Important Information

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Plan Review

Upon submittal the project is then entered on our office list to be reviewed. The process can take up to 10-20 working days. (There are 3 lists where your project could be listed depending on what it is: New commercial, New Residential and Additions/Remodels). The time schedule is as follows:

Plan review - 20 working days
Footing and foundation - 10 working days
Additions/remodels - 10 working days

Plan review - 20 working days
Tenant finish - 10 working days
Additions/remodels - 10 working days

The review process time frame is determined by which list you're on. Projects may need to be routed to other city departments which could extend the review process.

Redlines & other department notes
If applicable, you'll receive your plans back with redlines (corrections) and other city department's notes.

Plans Returned
Your project may begin! But you must address all issues noted on plans and/or permit.

Construction Inspection



Required inspections are performed at various stages of the construction process as outlined in the International Codes.

A list of the required inspections is also included in your permit. But, as a general rule, an inspection is required prior to covering up any work regulated by the codes.


To request an inspection, call the 24-hour request line at (970) 350-9840. The deadline for inspection requests is 4:00 p.m., the day prior to the inspection being scheduled. For example, before 4:00 p.m. Wednesday for a Thursday inspection. Before 4:00 p.m. Friday for a Monday inspection. Before 4:00 p.m. the last business day prior to a holiday, for an inspection the next business day after the holiday.


Please leave the address, type of inspection requested, and the permit number with your message. If this information is not provided, or we are unable to understand it, because of bad cell phone reception for example, the inspection cannot be scheduled.

We cannot schedule, or guarantee, a specific time for an inspection. However, we will try our best to make arrangements to inspect a project when access is provided.

Inspections are typically conducted between 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday.


Property Maintenance Inspection
The City's Property Maintenance Code provides for minimum standards to protect life, health, property and public welfare by regulating the use, occupancy, location and maintenance of all residential buildings. The Building Inspection Division responds to complaints and observations of possible property maintenance code violations.