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1100 Tenth Street
Greeley, CO 80631
tel: (970) 350-9780
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M-F 8-5 (MST)
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Current Planning

2013 Development Review Fee Schedule

Complete City of Greeley Development Code

Land Use Sheets are available listing permitted uses, uses subject to additional review by City staff and proposed land uses that must be approved by the Planning Commission.

Redevelopment Resource Guide




Annexation is the process by which lands are included within the City of Greeley's municipal boundaries. The City of Greeley annexes land at private property owners' request to encourage the well-ordered development of the city and to extend municipal government, services and facilities to eligible properties.

Eligibility for annexation is governed both by State and Municipal requirements.

Apply to Annex Your Property:
If you would like to annex your property to the City of Greeley, you can apply the following ways:

  • Download an Annexation Packet
  • Pick up a packet at:
    1100 10th Street, Suite 202
    Greeley, CO 80631
  • Call 970-350-9780 to have a packet mailed to you


If you need more information regarding subdivisions or if you have questions on the regulations or process, please call 970-350-9780.

Subdivision Regulations 18.04

Preliminary Subdivision

Final Subdivision

Minor Subdivision


For the purpose of establishing and maintaining sound, stable, and desirable development within the City, the rezoning of land is to be discouraged and allowed only under circumstances provided for. The rezoning policy is based on the opinion of the City Council that the City's zoning map is the result of a detailed and comprehensive appraisal of the City's present and future needs regarding land-use allocation and other zoning considerations and, as such, should not be amended unless to correct manifest errors or because of changed or changing conditions in a particular area of the city in general.

A pre-application conference is required with the Community Development Department staff to discuss rezoning of the property.

Rezoning Application