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Parking & Vehicles

Here are some important rules you need to follow. The specific municipal code reference is given in parentheses.

All vehicles parked on the street or on the property must have current registration and be in working order. (9.36.030) Parking is not permitted on lawn or landscaped areas or unpaved surfaces (does not include approved gravel driveways or parking lots)(18.42.040) Recreational Vehicles (18.36.020(p)).

Recreational vehicles, trailers, boats, motorhomes, and the like must be parked on a hard surface (asphalt, concrete, re-cycled asphalt that is compacted, gravel enclosed within a 6" wide solid collar to keep the gravel in place or concrete pavers that the wheels drive and park on).

Additionally, the equipment MUST be behind the habitable portion of the house and be at least 3' from the structure. The equipment can be up-to the property line on the interior side setback, within the side on-street setback if located no closer than 10 feet to the property line and no closer than 5 feet of the rear property line.

Recreational vehicles are permitted to park in front yard driveways if located at least 3 feet in back of the sidewalk, or front property line where no sidewalk exists, for loading, unloading, or emergency repairs for a maximum of 48 hours on the properties which the principal use is either single-family or two-family residential. The vehicle MUST be out of this area for a minimum of 24 consecutive hours before being parked in the driveway for another 48 hours.

Recreational vehicles or equipment stored on a property where the principal use is either single-family or two-family residential may not be used for temporary or permanent living purposes on the site.

Parking on landscaping is prohibited.

Inoperable vehicles

An inoperable vehicle may be a car, truck, RV, boat, camper or other similar motorized vehicle which is broken down in some way, not connected to a motorized vehicle or is not properly licensed. It is illegal to keep such vehicles on a public street or right-of-way or on a residential property unless it is completely enclosed within a garage. If we receive a complaint and or the Code Enforcement inspector observes a violation, you will receive a Notice of Violation and be required to appear at an Administrative Hearing. This may result in a minimum fine of $100.00 plus any additional penalties assessed by the administrative hearing officer, per violation if this is your first violation. Subsequent violations could result in substantial penalties and fines. Click here to view the Administrative Enforcement and Hearing Process Brochure in PDF format.

If you would like to report an abandoned vehicle parked in the street, please call the City of Greeley Abandoned Vehicle Hotline at 350-9877 or the Code Enforcement Division at 350-9833 if the vehicle is on private property. You may leave a message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.