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Sanitation Codes

Here are some important rules you need to follow. The specific municipal code reference is given in parentheses.

Every land owner must keep their property free of weeds, trash, inoperable vehicles, organic yard waste, animal feces and other debris. If we receive a complaint and or the Code Enforcement inspector observes a violation, you will receive a Notice of Violation and be required to appear at an Administrative Hearing.

This may result in a minimum fine of $100.00 plus any additional penalties assessed by the administrative hearing officer, per violation if this is your first violation. Subsequent violations could result in substantial penalties and fines. Click here to view the Administrative Enforcement and Hearing Process Brochure in PDF format.

To help with sanitation problems the City sponsors and organizes a Clean Up Weekend once per year. Usually the event takes place in April. Watch our web site for details on the next Clean-Up Weekend.

Outdoor Furniture
Furniture designed for indoor use cannot be kept on porches, roofs, lawns or other areas exposed to weather conditions. (9.04.030)

It is the responsibility of each land owner to keep their property in a neat and orderly manner. Trash may be placed at the curb for one 24-hour period each week for removal but may otherwise not accumulate on a property. Trash includes such items as garbage, discarded items, couches and other furniture intended for indoor use, organic yard waste and inoperable vehicles.

If you have questions, or would like to report a trash problem, please call the City of Greeley Code Enforcement Division at 350-9833. You may leave a message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.