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New business development contributes to the economic health and well-being of every community. City of Greeley works in close cooperation with the Small Business Development Center and Monfort College of Business to provide essential business start up and development assistance.

Northeast-East Central Small Business Development Center»

Northeast-East Central Small Business Development Center provides free business counseling services with a focus on “starting a business,” “growing a business,” and “financing a business” services.

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Greeley, CO 80631

Colorado Business Express»

Colorado business Express is an excellent information gateway to state resources.

City of Greeley Licensing

New businesses are required to acquire a business sales tax license. You can easily obtain your business license by contacting our Finance Department. They can assist you with completing the required licensing form and in acquiring the necessary department approvals for operating business with city limits.

For all other licensing activities, use this link to access a listing of permit and licensing information as a helpful resource.

Existing Business

City of Greeley offers a full range of economic development services to existing business and industry. We work closely with Upstate Colorado, the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, and the Small Business Development Center to assist with your financing, training, and development needs.


The City of Greeley and its economic development partners provide access to various business development incentives:

  • New Development Incentives
  • City Resident Job Creation Incentive
  • City Tax Increment Financing Districts
  • State Enterprise Zone Tax, Training, and Investment Credits
  • State Colorado First and Existing Industry Training Grants


There are several industrial, commercial, and retail development sites in the Greeley city limits.

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Additional Services

We also offer gap financing assistance and demographic data services, such as the ESRI Community Analyst – Demographic Market Information to businesses within the Greeley city limits.


Please feel free to contact me for a complete and confidential discussion of your needs, our community resources, and public/private partnership opportunities.

Bruce M. Biggi
Economic Development Manager

Existing businesses