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The Public Works Engineering Division is involved in those aspects of City infrastructure and development involving streets and drainage. It is our responsibility to manage and improve our existing street infrastructure, review and inspect new transportation improvements, ensure quality assurance by providing inspections for project

The division is composed of three (3) individual programs. These include Construction Services, Engineering Services and Street Infrastructure Management (SIM).

Street and utility construction Inspection.
Material testing.
Construction Survey Services.

Design and contract administration of transportation improvement projects.
Administers regulations governing public right of way.
Publishes design criteria for streets.
Maintains Engineering records.
Design and contract administration of projects.
Provides services for improvement districts.
Issues ROW Permits for work in the Public Right of Way.

Street Infrastructure Management (SIM) Team provides pavement management services, administers contracted pavement maintenance projects, bridge maintenance and manages street asset information.

Street Infrastructure Maintenance.
Pavement Management Program.
Pavement Maintenance Projects.
Street Asset Management Information.
Bridge Asset Management.