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Public Safety Education - Child Car Seat Safety

Presented as part of the Greeley Fire Department Public Education and Awareness series.
Child Car Seat Safety

Child safety is always a big concern for parents, especially while traveling. You may not know that you and your family are at the greatest risk for injury while driving. Many parents are unaware that they are putting their children at even greater risk by not properly installing their child's car seat or not using the correct seat for their child.

The Greeley Fire Department offers car seat safety checks to help insure the safety of your children by checking the installation and inspection of your child's car seat.
Greeley Fire Department firefighters are available to check the installation and fit of your child's car seat. Seat safety Checks/installations are done

  • Monday-Friday by appointment only
  • Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. DROP IN
  • Sunday 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. DROP IN
Fire Station Address Phone
Fire Station 1 919 7th Street (970)350-9500
Fire Station 2 2301 Reservoir Road (970)330-1771
Fire Station 3 150 35th Avenue (970)336-4240
Fire Station 4 2191 1st Avenue (970)353-3741
Fire Station 5 4701 24th Sreet (970)330-6670
Fire Station 6 1731 Cedar Avenue (Support Facility)
Fire Station 7 6623 West 10th Street (970)336-1402

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Car Seat Facts

  • Car crashes are the leading killer of children every year - When used properly, car seats are 71% effective in preventing death.

  • Most fatal crashes occur at speeds less than 40 MPH and close to home, so CONSTANT use of safety seats is vital.


    • If a child seat has been involved in a CRASH, don't use it; it would be difficult to know if it's integrity has been preserved.

    • The seat is 6 years old or older, or damaged in any way.

    • The seat has been recalled by the manufacturer.

    • The seat is second-hand, without a good history.

    • Made before December 31, 1980

    • Is not crash tested and approved by the Federal Government

    • Does not meet "STD 213-80" safety criteria

  • Ensure you are using the seat properly.

  • Follow Manufacturers Installation Guidelines

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