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For a complete listing of tree selections visit the Colorado Tree Coalition website to download the Front Range Tree Recommendation List. 

The Front Range Tree Recommendation List© was developed through the collaborative efforts of four participating professional groups:  the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), the Colorado Nursery & Greenhouse Association (CNGA), municipal arborists representing the Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC), and the Colorado State University (CSU) Extension.  Based on the committee’s collective education, knowledge, and experience over 250 trees or varieties were evaluated and rated, resulting in a single reference list for professionals to use and share with their customers or residents.

The initial list of evaluated trees was based on a compilation of six 2010 Front Range Nursery catalogs plus recommendations from committee members. The group evaluated each tree based upon 5 Critical and 8 Cautionary Cultural Factors, resulting in one of four ratings:  Generally Recommended, Conditionally Recommended, Potential/Unproven, Not Recommended.

When using this list to assist in tree selection for a specific planting location, a site analysis relating to the cultural factors, including a soil test to determine pH, texture, and composition should be performed. It is assumed the list users are aware of the physical attributes of these trees (mature size, fall color, growth habit, texture, flowers, fruit, etc) or have access to this information.



In order to plant trees or shrubs upon public rights-of-way, a permit must be obtained prior to planting. Click here to learn more about and submit a LANDSCAPE PLANTING PERMIT.

Now available is an ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO PLANTING TREES with step-by-step instructions and photos depicting the procedures involved in planting balled and burlapped trees.

For information on trees not recommended as street trees, public right-of-way planting specifications, and trees to avoid; visit our planting specifications page.  


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