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Right-of-Way Planting Permits

Right-of-Way Planting Permit

Written permits, obtainable from the Community Development, Department Planning Division, are required before planting any plant materials other than lawn upon any public rights-of-way or "parkways" within the city limits of Greeley. Follow the steps recommended below to receive a Right-of-Way Planting Permit.

All landscaping and/or plantings upon public rights-of-way must be preceded by an approved planting permit issued by the Community Development Department. Any illegal or unauthorized planting or volunteer growth occurring after January 1, 1977, may be ordered removed by the Community Development Department.

There are certain species of plants you are permitted to plant in the right-of-way and certain trees you are NOT allowed to plant. Click here for the planting flier and click here for the Parkway FAQ flier.

STEP 1: Call 811 for utility locates.
  • In order for us to determine the correct planting locations on right-of-way, permit applications can only be processed AFTER a “utilities locate” request has been called in. Not to mention, it’s the law! The individual responsible for the planting must be the party who calls in the “utilities locate” information. Please allow at least two (2) business days, not including the day the locate request is called in, for the locates to be completed. The Utility Notification Center of Colorado (UNCC) may be reached by calling 811, or visit their website at for more information or to process a locate request on line.
STEP 2: Using the site plan drawing sheet, develop a scaled drawing that illustrates the perimeter of the area to be planted, the location of any and all utilities, plant locations, north arrow and scale (e.g., 1”=10’). Submit a plan, completed application and fees to the Community Development Department Planning Division at 1100 10th Street, Suite 202.
  • Download the Permit Application - Complete the Application and the Site Plan Drawing, if necessary, and either mail, fax or bring it to the Community Development Department.

    Community Development Department
    Planning Division
    1100 10th Street, Suite 202
    Greeley, Colorado 80631
    Phone (970) 350-9780
    Fax (970) 350-9800

  • For residential landscaping, the permit cost is $10.
  • For commercial landscaping, including subdivisions, the permit will be issued at a rate of $50 per hour for review of landscape plans with a minimum charge of $50.
  • Unless otherwise authorized by the permit, all newly-planted street trees shall be planted midway between the sidewalk and the curb.
  • Trees which attain a large maturity (over 20’ in height) shall be spaced at least 35 feet apart (including trees on neighboring properties) to allow for safe, healthy, attractive growth.
  • Smaller or ornamental types of trees, when designated as such by the permit, may be spaced at a minimum of 25 feet apart.
  • No trees shall be planted closer than 5 feet to any driveway or alley, nor shall they be planted in such a manner that eventual growth cannot be reasonably maintained so as to avert interference with, or obstruction of, any improvement installed for the public benefit such as traffic and street signs and lights, fire hydrants, overhead utility wires, street lights, utility poles, etc.
  • Perennials and shrubs must not exceed a mature height of 18”.
  • Where the parkway or public right-of-way is less than 5 feet in width, no trees or woody plants shall be planted in that area.
  • Where the combination sidewalk-curb and gutter have been installed, no tree plantings are to be made closer than 5 feet from the edge of any concrete installation.
  • Trees are not to be planted within 10 feet of either side of water, sewer, or storm drain service lines.
  • No more than six (6) of the same tree genus may be used consecutively in a row-type planting.
STEP 3: Your plan will be reviewed by City staff within 7-10 days.
  • Within 7-10 days, a staff member will contact you regarding a site visit to confirm the plan details and layout.
  • You will be expected to have your individual planting sites determined. These can be marked with labeled stakes, flags or spray paint on the ground.
  • You do not need to be present.
STEP 4: Your permit, if approved will be sent to you and will include a “plant by” date.
  • The “plant by” date is a date assigned by which all plant material must be installed.
  • Any and all revisions will require a plan re-submittal.
STEP 5: Following the expiration of the “plant by” date, City staff will review the installation and offer feedback if required.

Contractor Right-of-Way Trim & Removal Permit

Greeley Forestry Program
2631 52nd Avenue Court
Greeley, Colorado 80634
Phone: (970)339-2405
Fax: (970)339-2452

License Requirements for Tree Contractors in the City of Greeley

A Right-of-Way Planting Permit is not utilized for commercial trimming and removal. Trimming or removal of parkway or right-of-way trees requires issuance of a permit to the licensed contractor. Trees to be removed must be posted with a removal notice for a minimum of seven (7) days prior to removal.

Request a trim or removal permit on line; the permit will be mailed to you.

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Feel free to contact us regarding the information provided above or drop us an email with your questions, comments, or concerns to:  Greeley Forestry Program Office Administrator

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