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Choosing A Tree Service

Licensed shade tree trimmer

An arborist "foot climbing" a tree
Companies or individuals offering tree trimming or removals in Greeley on woody plants over 10' in height MUST be licensed by the City of Greeley. Click here for a list of licensed contractors.

A licensed tree trimming company must pass written and field examinations to show basic knowledge and competence in industry skills. They must also provide proof of insurance and bond to protect the customer and themselves. Pesticide applicators are required to have a State Applicator's License from the Colorado Department of Agriculture.  Tips for finding a tree service:

  • It is always a good idea to check with the contractor and their insurance agency to make certain the policy is current; also ask for job references.
  • When receiving bids, make sure you ask for the same exact service from all prospective contractors.
  • Tree contractors in Greeley are not allowed to "top" trees. "Topping" is a poor, unhealthy, and discouraged practice.
  • Be aware of fly-by-night tree services and "door knockers." Reputable companies have all the work they need without going door to door.
  • Never pay in advance.
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau at 970-686-7722 for additional references.
  • A company must be additionally certified to work within 10' of energized lines. Contact our office for more information as there are just a few of these companies in Greeley.

Companies offering pesticide application services must be licensed by the State of Colorado Department of Agriculture. It is the responsibility of the property owner to verify licensing with the state! Click here for an informational list of pesticide applicators.

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Feel free to contact us regarding the information provided above or drop us an email with your questions, comments, or concerns to:  Greeley Forestry Program Office Administrator

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