City Of Greeley

Code Information Regarding Tree Trimmers and Pesticide Applicators

We require that all contractors performing commercial tree trimming and removal operations in Greeley on woody plant materials over 10' in height obtain a license. First, they must furnish proof of insurance, provide a surety bond, and pay the license application fee to the Finance Department at City Hall. Then, the company proprietor must pass a field test or provide certain other certifications proving competency and skills in the industry.  There are two categories of licenses, Climbing/Aerial Lift or Aerial Lift only.

Relating To Tree Trimmers

  1. No person or firm shall engage in the business of trimming, felling or removing trees in the City without first obtaining a license to conduct such business. The business described shall be referred to as “tree trimming” and all persons and firms engaging in that business shall be known as “tree trimmers.”
  2. Licenses for tree trimmers shall be issued by the Director of Culture, Parks and Recreation. The Director may require each applicant, as a condition to obtaining a license, demonstrate competence and knowledge in the business of tree trimming by passing a practical exam.
  3. A license will not be issued to any applicant unless the applicant has furnished proof of liability insurance coverage of not less than five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) for each person, one million dollars ($1,000,000) for each occurrence. In addition, each applicant shall be required to file a bond and pay any annual fees required.
  4. All chemical application issues are referred to the State of Colorado Department of Agriculture.
  5. Each license shall be issued for a single calendar year. Each applicant may be required to renew a license by passing the test referred to above.
  6. To engage in the business of trimming or felling trees, the fee is sixty dollars ($60.00) annually. The licensee shall furnish the City Clerk with a bond in the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). For a permit for each parkway tree to be trimmed, the fee is ten dollars ($10.00). For a permit for each parkway tree to be felled, the fee is forty dollars ($40.00).
  7. No tree trimmer shall remove or trim any tree in a parkway or other public grounds without first obtaining a permit from the Forestry Manager. The Forestry Manager shall not issue a permit unless the tree to be removed or trimmed is dead or interferes with the proper use of parkways for sidewalk purposes or creates traffic hazards.
  8. A tree trimmer operating with a permit may use and occupy, for temporary periods of time, alleys and the one-third portion of street roadways adjacent to the parkways where trimming work is being carried on. The Director of Culture, Parks and Recreation shall have the authority to promulgate rules, regulations and specifications pertaining to the required method of carrying on the business of tree trimming.
  9. The Forestry Manager shall issue a cease-and-desist order to any tree trimmer engaging in the business of tree trimming contrary to any such rules, regulations and specifications. Any tree trimmer who violates the terms of the cease-and-desist order is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be subject to punishment.

New Regulations...

We recently received information from Greeley Police regarding compliance with Colorado's Department of Transportation requirements. All commercial vehicles with a single or combined unit weight in excess of 10,000 pounds are required to display US-DOT numbers on that unit.

For registration information, contact the Colorado State Patrol (Evans office 970-506-4999) and ask to be transferred to the Colorado State Motor Carriers office in Golden, Colorado.

If you are stopped at a spot check or temporary port within Greeley city limits and are found in violation your vehicle may be impounded.

Effective January 1, 2005, Greeley Forestry and other City divisions are advised not to conduct business with contractors who are not in compliance.