City Of Greeley

Building Research

The Historic Preservation Specialist assists people interested in researching the history of properties in Greeley.

Click here to download a power point presentation about researching historic properties, including steps for research and available sources of information.

City directories, historic photographs, and documentary files on families and businesses are useful resources found at the Municipal Archives, one of the four Greeley Museums sites. Staff show researchers how to use the city directories, assist researchers in searching for historic photographs of the property and assist in finding information about specific people and businesses.

Knelly House
City of Greeley Museums Permanent Collection

City Directories

City directories provide information about local businesses, residents of properties, their families and occupations in many of the volumes. Researchers need to know the address they are wanting to research. The city directories include information primarily on Greeley properties.

Historic Photographs

Historic photos are very useful in determining if changes have been made to a building, as well as providing information about construction dates, the people who lived there or businesses that occupied a building. The archives has an extensive photograph collection including houses, businesses, street scenes and people; however, there is no guarantee of finding historic photos of specific properties. Photocopies are available for a nominal fee, and reprints are available with a signed Historic Photograph Reproduction Policy. Fees for reprints vary, so contact the Municipal Archives at (970)350-9220 or visit in person to find out more.

Camfield Court Building, ca. 1910-1922;
City of Greeley Museums Permanent Collection

History of People and Businesses

Historical information about the people and businesses of a historic structure is also useful in understanding the history of a building and for determining its significance.