City Of Greeley

Permit Refund

Gale House

Owners of individually designated and contributing properties in a designated historic district are eligible for a refund of building permit fees for preservation projects requiring a permit and design review through the Historic Preservation Office and/or Commission.

Upon completion of the project, the applicant completes and returns the refund form to the Historic Preservation Office. The Historic Preservation Commission will review and rule on the application and if approved, will forward the application to the Finance Department located at 1000 10th Street (forms are available at the Historic Preservation Office or download the one page application below). The project must be approved and the form signed by the Historic Preservation Commission and the Building Inspection Office prior to returning the form.

Download the Building Permit Fee Refund Policy and application.

Please note that a copy of the building permit receipt is required to be attached to the application before the application can be approved by the Historic Preservation Commission.