City Of Greeley

Information Technology

The IT division exists to manage and support the City’s computing and telecommunication systems. We provide timely, accurate and dependable service to all City employees and organizations.
  • Development - Responsible for supporting the City's enterprise applications and databases. The City's internal and external websites and mobile applications are also supported by this group, as well as any software or project development needs.

  • Enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - Responsible for the development, maintenance and support of the City's enterprise GIS data, hardware and software as well as training for City staff on GIS applications. The GIS staff also fulfills requests from the general public for GIS products and data.
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  • Networking & Telecommunications - Responsible for telecommunications and network infrastructure, including monitoring and security, throughout the city.

  • Operations - Responsible for the department's administrative support including processing of bills, invoices, and renewing contracts.  This group performs all of the daily, weekly, and monthly processes on the systems, and manages interdepartmental supports calls.

  • PC Support - This team is responsible for supporting all the PCs and other peripherals throughout the city. This includes hardware, software and connections to the network. They also manage help desk calls.

  • Programming - This group is responsible for supporting our enterprise applications and databases. The city's internal and external web sites are also supported by this group.

  • Systems Administration - This team is responsible for the daily administration of our servers, SANS, and two data centers. This includes managing all of the city’s e-mail services, maintaining backups/restores, and administration of our local and wide area networks.

If you need more information about our IT Department please call 970-350-9300.