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Museum summer camp registration begins May 1 


For immediate release
For more information, contact:
Emily Lance, Marketing Assistant
Subject: Museum summer camp registration begins May 1
Summer camps at the Greeley Museums are an adventure in history! Camps begin June 3, for children ages 6- 12. Registration for the summer camps begins May 1 and continues until all slots are filled. This summer all camps will take place at Centennial Village and will include sessions in both the morning and afternoon.
Registration will be done through the City of Greeley’s Recreation Connection online registration system. Walk-in registration takes place at the Greeley Recreation Center, Family FunPlex and Greeley Ice Haus during regular hours.
The four weeks of camps feature different topics, and each topic is repeated once. Morning camps are from 9am-12 pm in the Lone Valley Schoolhouse.  Topics are Wild ‘n’ Wooly Colorado and Masters of Invention. Wild ‘n’ Wooly will showcase important people and animals in Colorado's past. It will have the same structure of the previous Wild 'N' Wooly camp but the curriculum will focus on different people and animals. The Masters of Invention program will teach campers about the important inventions of the late 19th and early 20th century. Students will learn about the inventors and how their new inventions helped the progress of society. Both programs will have the same structure of the previous year’s camp but the curriculum will focus on different key characters in history. All camps will include interaction with the farm animals in residence this season.
The afternoon camps run from 1-4pm. The Paleo-Indian camp explores the lifestyle of ancient Indians.  This camp will give students the opportunity to experience the life of Paleo-Indians who inhabited North America between 20,000 and 10,000 years ago. Students will make paleo tools and partake in paleo activities. The High Plains Archaeology Camp gives children the opportunity to literally dig up their own artifacts.  This summer camp will give students the chance to participate in a real archaeological dig. Students will learn the basics of archaeology and get their hands dirty digging in the dirt. Campers will learn the archaeological techniques used to discover information about the past.
Tuition for each camp is $70 per week per child, and the camps run from Monday to Friday, ending in mid-July.
For more description of the camps, visit, or call 350-9220. There is a link on the webpage for online registrations.


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