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News Release


Greeley Police Issue Fraud Warning/Alert 


For Immediate Release
For more information,
media representatives should contact:
Sgt. Susan West, Greeley Police Department, Public Information Officer
970-351-5383 Desk  970-371-3708 Cell

Subject:  Greeley Police Issue Fraud Warning/Alert
The Greeley Police Department wishes to alert the community to a fraud scheme occurring in the Northern Colorado area.  The fraudsters are particularly targeting older or elderly victims, with losses amounting to over $11,000 from two known victims so far.
In March, the thieves contacted an elderly female in Ft. Collins claiming to be from her bank’s internal security division.  The next day, the same scheme was perpetrated against a victim in Greeley.  The caller seemed to know some of the account information, enough so the victims believed the call was legitimate.  In both instances the caller said he was investigating the tellers at the victims’ banks for theft.  The caller then solicits the victim’s help, asking them to withdraw a large sum of money.  Each victim was instructed to meet the caller’s “associate” in a nearby parking lot and provide him the cash. 
Each victim then received a call from the “investigator” thanking them for their assistance in a successful investigation.  He then instructed the victim not to tell anyone of the event and provides instructions to meet him at the bank the next day in order to return the money.  Following these directions, the next day the victim arrived at the bank and discovered there was no investigator and they’d been the victimized through an elaborate scheme. 
To try and prevent additional victimization of our community members, the Greeley Police Department urges anyone who is called and asked to participate in an investigation,  to contact either a trusted family member or the police department to verify the information before agreeing to, or doing, anything. 
Additionally, Police suggest you take the following precautions to protect yourself and your financial means:
 Never give personal or financial information to anyone over the telephone.
 Never do business with someone you do not know until their identity is verified.
 Banks, credit cards, and other financial businesses will never ask for personal information by phone unless you called them.
 Never wire or send money as some payment necessary to collect lottery or contest winnings.
 Never wire or send money unless you are 100% certain why and to who you are sending it.
 If it sounds too good to be true, it is
 When there is the slightest doubt, contact a trusted family member, friend or your local police for assistance.
If  you believe you have been victimized by a fraudulent scheme, please contact your local law enforcement agency to make a report. 


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