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News Release


The City of Greeley Museums receive Bessie Minor Swift Foundation grant 


For Immediate Release
For more information, contact:
Emily Lance, Marketing Assistant
Culture, Parks, and Recreation Department

Subject:  The City of Greeley Museums receive Bessie Minor Swift Foundation grant
The City of Greeley Museums has received a grant from the Bessie Minor Swift Foundation for $1,900.00 for a new educational program, “Trials and Deliberations” which will be presented during the annual spring and fall History Festivals at Centennial Village Museum.  Period furnishings and exhibit materials will be purchased and installed in the “first” Weld County Courthouse, an 1860’s structure built of cottonwood logs and now preserved at Centennial Village Museum.   In 2012, the Museums received a grant of $2,400.00 from the Foundation which provided 428 scholarships for students to attend the 2012 Fall History Festival.  
In “Trials and Deliberations,” students will be selected and sworn in as jurors.  A mock trial will be conducted and students will hear testimony based on actual civil, criminal, and water rights cases tried in Weld County during Colorado’s Territorial era (1861 – 1876).  The student jurors will consider the testimony read by student plaintiffs and defendants in each type of case.  After deliberation, the “jury” will present its verdict.  The “judge” will reveal the verdicts and sentences imposed in the “real” cases, giving students an opportunity to question, compare, and contrast how 19th v.  21st century values and attitudes might influence how juries and judges living in different eras interpret and uphold the laws.    
Centennial Village Museum, established in 1976, preserves regional history through its historical buildings, exhibits, and living history programs.   By exploring the past via authentic legal issues and proceedings, “Trials and Deliberations” will help students realize the importance of reading, comprehension, listening, and critical thinking as they exercise their rights and responsibilities as American citizens.
For more information about programs at Centennial Village Museum call 970-350-9220 or visit

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