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For Immediate Release
Contact: Mary M. Russell, Marketing Coordinator
Culture, Parks, and Recreation Department
The City of Greeley’s Culture, Parks, and Recreation Department will be partnering with Colorado Kids Triathlon this weekend to host a Hands-On Kids Triathlon Clinic at the Family FunPlex Sunday, June 23 from 5:30-8:30pm. The event is geared towards youth ages 6-15 years who have never participated in a triathlon before. This event will offer them the opportunity to become a triathlete by participating in swimming, running and biking sessions. The hands-on clinic is free; there is a separate registration process and fee to participate in the Colorado Kids Triathlon on June 30.
The clinic hosted at the Family FunPlex in Greeley (1501 65th Avenue) is taught by professionals, will last for 3 hours and is divided into six 30-minute sessions. The focus of the program is more educational than hard-core training though all kids will have the opportunity to swim, bike, run and practice their transitions. The goal is for every participant to be ready to compete in the Colorado Kids Triathlon by the end of the clinic. Interested youth need to call Chris Reese at (904) 448-2464 to register for the training program clinic or register online at and then visit the registration desk upon arrival at the Family FunPlex by 5:30pm on Sunday to participate.
Triathlons are one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The focus is to promote a healthy lifestyle by incorporating daily exercise, proper nutrition and hard work – the benefits are endless! The Colorado Kids Triathlon is expected to attract over 600 participants on Sunday, June 30 at the Adams City High School in Commerce City. To register for the actual race later this month or for more information about the race event, please visit
The Family FunPlex will also be hosting the Greeley Kids Triathlon on Saturday, August 10 beginning at 8am for youth ages 6-12 years. This is another race opportunity for area kids to participate in with age-appropriate distances to compete in a swim/bike/run event. The emphasis for these programs is to focus on fitness, fun and safety. For more information call the Family FunPlex at 970.350.9401 or see event listing online at

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