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July is Smart Irrigation Month in Greeley 


For Immediate Release
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Natalie Stevens, Marketing Technician
Subject:  July is Smart Irrigation Month in Greeley
The City of Greeley will proclaim July as Smart Irrigation Month at the July 2 City Council Meeting. The State of Colorado has also named July as Smart Irrigation Month to draw attention to the importance of using water efficiently. July is the month of a peak demand for water for lawns, gardens and landscapes. The Irrigation Association named July as Smart Irrigation Month to increase public awareness about simple practices and innovative technologies homeowners, businesses and property managers can use to increase outdoor water efficiency. Experts estimate that 50 percent of the water we use outdoors goes to waste from evaporation, wind, or runoff due to overwatering. By selecting and planting carefully, watering wisely, and maintaining and upgrading automated irrigation systems, consumers can save money, save water and see better results.
The City of Greeley Water Conservation Program is choosing three residential properties that receive irrigation audits in July for free upgrades. These properties will be test sites and the information gathered from these projects will inform the development of future water conservation initiatives.
Below are four tips for increased lawn watering efficiency.
1. Step on it: Grass doesn’t always need water just because it’s hot out. Step on the lawn, and if the grass springs back, it doesn’t need water.  Take a screwdriver and poke it into the soil. If it can go in about 6 to 8 inches deep, your lawn probably doesn’t need water. Wait and use your next watering day.
2. Timing is everything: Know how much water your landscape actually needs before you set your sprinkler. Generally, it’s best to water lawns and landscapes in the early morning and late evening because significant amounts of water can be lost due to evaporation during the heat of the day.
3. Upgrade your sprinkler system: add a smart controller or pressure-reducing valve to your system. Smart controllers use information about site conditions and apply the right amount of water based on factors such as soil type, exposure and weather. High water pressure leads to misting and waste through  evaporation. Rebates are available after residents receive an irrigation audit in Greeley.
4. Tune up your system: inspect irrigation systems and check for leaks and broken or clogged sprinkler heads. Fix sprinkler heads that are broken or spraying on the sidewalk, street, or driveway.
Get more information on efficient lawn watering and water conservation at Follow Greeley Water Conservation on Twitter and Facebook for frequent water conservation tips and information.

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