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Use Caution When Selecting Repair Contractors 


For Immediate Release
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Sgt. Susan West, Greeley Police Department, Public Information Officer
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Subject:  Use Caution When Selecting Repair Contractors
Unfortunately, it happens after every natural disaster; the fly by night contractors breeze into town, take advantage of the situation and the people trying to cope with it, and breeze out again, leaving their own trail of destruction – half completed jobs, sub-standard work, and swindled citizens.  And, unfortunately, these situations are often not criminal, but civil contract violations, leaving little the police can do.  That’s why the police department wants to remind everyone to use caution when approached about home repairs. 
According to the Finance Department, roofing contractors don’t have to have a business license to operate in the city.  They do need to obtain the proper permits from the building department, and they must have a solicitor’s license, which requires a background check through police records, if they are knocking on doors and talking to people about their service.  And they need a sales tax license.  They do not need these licenses if they are just hanging flyers on doors, but they are required to carry the solicitor’s license with them, and should be able to show it to you. 
Greeley Police Chief Jerry Garner had this to say, “The best advice may be to go with a well-known firm, one with an established, solid reputation in Colorado, as opposed to three guys in a pickup truck with out-of-state plates.  Also steer clear of anybody trying to rush you into signing something or fronting them money before they have done any work. And remember the age-old but sound advice: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  The Better Business Bureau’s website,, is a good resource when looking for reputable businesses of all kinds.  To report repair people without solicitor’s licenses, please call the non-emergency dispatch number, 350-9600.

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