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For Immediate Release
Contact: Mary M. Russell, Marketing Division
Culture, Parks & Recreation Department

The City of Greeley’s ACE (Achieving Community Excellence) program offers some educational workshops and mentoring opportunities for all coaches throughout the year. The program which began over a year ago has been bringing groups, organizations and individuals together under the leadership of Coach Bob Parry to help improve programs and support coaches working with youth.
In 2012, City Council appropriated funds for the Community Coach Program; modeled after a Fort Collins program known as CHAMP (Character in Athletics Make It A Priority); its focus was to establish training in leadership and character development for coaches and to recognize excellence in athletics. “The goal is to come alongside those who are coaching our youth and give them the tools to succeed and in turn our youth and school district are encouraged and supported.” stated Coach Bob Parry. The Community Coach Program was a spin off from the Enhanced Middle School Sports program – which the Culture, Parks, and Recreation Department (CPRD) has been working on with School District 6 to offer organized sports for 6th & 7th grade students. Coach Parry said “this relates directly to Council Image Youth Success priority which is to help create a community environment that supports youth success.”
ACE has three components. The first branch which focuses on athletics “is being expanded beyond District 6 middle school athletics to include all levels of youth athletics in District 6 as well as in charter and private schools, private club sports and City recreation sports programs. In addition, the program is reaching out to the University of Northern Colorado Athletic program” per Coach Parry The second piece, headed by Becky Safarik, Assistant City Manager, supports the visual and performing arts community. The third arm of the program works with leadership in the community.
“This is a work in progress” said Coach Parry “The ACE program is intended to offer the foundation to help our community reach its potential and can do so by providing some informal organizational framework within which facilitate the greatness we know exists here, and which will promote a deserved image for Greeley.”
Coaching networking events typically occur once a month during the school year and educational opportunities are announced in advance roughly quarterly. To learn more about the program or to find out about the upcoming events, contact Coach Bob Parry at You can hear more about the program from Coach Parry himself this week on 1:1 with Greeley Rec at noon during the 1310AM KFKA Agfinity SportsDay show.

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