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News Release


City of Greeley Launches Oil & Gas Information Resources Webpage 


For Immediate Release
For more information, contact:
Brad Mueller, Community Development Director
Subject:  City of Greeley Launches Oil & Gas Information Resources Webpage
The City of Greeley has established an oil and gas development resources page to provide information to Greeley citizens about drilling proposals within the city limits, the oil and gas permitting process, and the technical process of drilling for these minerals.  The resource page can be found via the City’s Community Development Department homepage and links from the City’s homepage at, or directly by going to
The new web page provides more direct information for Greeley citizens about oil and gas ownership and drilling, as well as a listing of all Drilling Permit Notices sent to the City of Greeley by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (“COGCC”), starting in January 2013.  The COGCC notifies local governments of various drilling permits that are required of operators.  Although allowed by State regulations, local drilling requires that operators additionally receive separate land use approvals from the City prior to activity within City limits.
Reflecting City Council’s discussions during the last year about oil and gas development, Greeley Mayor Tom Norton commented: “The number of proposals from mineral owners has increased dramatically in Greeley in the last couple of years, consistent with the activity in the region. Launching a website that is specific to this type of land use increases government transparency, a constant goal of Council’s.  By making this site available, we are able to take public information that would otherwise be in files within our Community Development Department and put it in a more accessible location for all citizens.”
The new web pages are also an extension of Council’s recent request to look at existing city oil and gas regulations.  Councilman Mike Finn, on behalf of City Council, made a petition to staff on July 16 to look at current regulations, particularly at fuel storage tanks and the impact they might have on residential or commercial areas in Greeley.  City staff is conducting an in-house review of oil and gas regulations and their relationship to other land use goals and to State regulations.

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