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News Release


Island Grove Village Invests to Make Their Residents Safer 


For Immediate Release
For more information, media representatives should contact:
Division Chief/Fire Marshal Dale Lyman, 970-350-9511;
Subject:  Island Grove Village Invests to Make Their Residents Safer
Cooking is the leading cause of home fires according national statistics. The latest say U.S. Fire Departments responded to an estimated annual average of 156,600 cooking-related fires between 2007-2011.
The Island Grove Village Apartments in Greeley have applied for and received a grant from First National Bank to add an engineered a solution to their electric ranges that will permanently reduce cooking fires, the number one cause of fires for their residents.
The grant for a total of $16,000 was presented to the Island Grove Village Apartments by Larry Wood of First National Bank. The funds will be used to purchase and install a device called the Safe-T-Element which works by using temperature limiting control (TLC). This reduces the cooking temperature to just below the auto-ignition temperature for common combustibles. At this temperature the stove still cooks normally but will never allow food, oil, clothing/sleeves or any common combustible to catch fire.
The device will eliminate cooking fires, which coincidentally is this year’s theme of fire prevention week. The device is also “green” in that it will also reduce the use of electricity by as much as 50%.
The end result will be a device being installed every electric range that will make residents and firefighters safer by reducing and virtually eliminating stove fires while at the same time saving energy.
The media and members of the public are invited to join us for this fire prevention week event to see a live demonstration of this innovative technology as it is introduced to residents of the Island Grove Village Apartments on Wednesday, Oct 9th at 1:00 PM.

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