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Faulty Xcel Energy Facility Prompts Gas Odor Calls 


For Immediate Release
For more information, media representatives should contact:
Division Chief/Fire Marshal Dale Lyman
970-350-9511; 970-590-5507
Subject:  Faulty Xcel Energy Facility Prompts Gas Odor Calls
The Greeley Fire Department was called to a number of “natural gas odor” calls between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm on Friday. The source of the call was a faulty mercaptan pump owned by Xcel Energy and requiring maintenance. It is located near the intersection of 59th Ave and 20th St. The facility pumps the odorant into an Xcel gas line.
In its raw form, natural gas is odorless but mercaptan is added so that natural gas’ presence and natural gas leaks can be detected by humans. Very small amounts of the substance create a very pungent odor when it is spilled or released into the atmosphere by something such as a faulty pump, in this case. Because people recognize it as natural gas it will prompt calls to 911.
After responding to several business and residences in west Greeley, fire crews were finally able to find the source, the faulty Excel Energy facility. Although these were false alarms, the Fire Department reminds Greeley citizens that they should call 911 if they smell the odor of natural gas.

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