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Downtown Recycling Center offers additional recycling 


For Immediate Release
For more information,
media representatives should contact:
Karen Scopel, Natural Resources Manager

Subject:  Downtown Recycling Center offers additional recycling
The City’s Downtown Recycling Center, located at 228 11th Avenue, has added receptacles that allow residents to recycle clothing, textiles, shoes, personal accessories and miscellaneous household goods.
As part of the City’s commitment to encourage residents to recycle materials, the City recently partnered with Sterling and Baxter to place collection bins at the existing Downtown Recycling Center. There are two bins, with one that accepts a wide array of clothing and textiles, including those that are no longer useable due to stains, wear and tear. Barbara Jaynes, marketing director for Sterling and Baxter, said, “Many times we throw away clothing thinking that it cannot be reused because it can no longer be worn as clothing because of stains or tears. However, this clothing does not need to go into the landfill. It can be up-cycled into car seats or couch cushions or down-cycled into rags for auto shops. Textiles have many useful purposes and a very long life-cycle.” Because Sterling and Baxter assists local charities to secure non-directed funding through this effort, the City’s Natural Resources Manager, Karen Scopel, noted that the City felt this was a good partnership because it fulfills a need in the community for increased recycling opportunities as well as supports those in need through an environmentally responsible solution. The other bin associated with this expansion of services accepts other household items such as shoes, personal accessories, toys, and other miscellaneous household goods.
Other collection bins at the Downtown Recycling Center accept cardboard, newspaper, office paper and magazines, and co-mingled containers including glass bottles, tin and aluminum cans and plastic bottles. The site is open daily during daylight hours except for major holidays. People utilizing the site’s containers are urged to read the signs to know what goes in each bin.
For more information about the City’s recycling program which includes the Downtown Recycling Center and the Greeley Organic Waste Center, visit or call the Natural Resources Division at 970-350-9833.

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