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For Immediate Release
For more information, contact:
Kim Snyder, Public Art Coordinator
Culture, Parks, and Recreation
The Greeley Art Commission invites the public to attend the Public Art dedication for the newest addition to Greeley’s permanent art collection on Saturday, November 16 at 10am. The dedication will be held at the newly renovated, Homestead Park & Open Space, located at 3699 29th St.
The sculpture, ‘Rain Symphony’ is located on the South end of the park. This is a piece inspired by the brilliantly sophisticated water system in Greeley. Over 150 pipes strategically stand on end to elegantly weave our use of water into a magnificent natural expanse and create an enchanting experience.
Artist, Joshua Wiener has created a kinetic experience for the viewer without using moving parts. By utilizing the way the audience moves through space, viewers will visually experience the changing rain patterns as they move past.
“I have been seeking to create artwork that is more a part of its environment.  This project goes beyond what I was anticipating for how it is experienced,” said Wiener. “The way it conducts light and the surrounding landscape is exciting. I love the way parts reflect the sky and can be seen all the way to the ground, while the ones that reflect the ground reveal the landscape beyond.”
Kim Snyder, Greeley Public Art Coordinator, says the sculpture is inspiring, “It has an energy that is hard to describe and plays with the surrounding light as the conditions change. Josh has fully achieved one of his goals to integrate art into the natural landscape that works with the elements in a non-imposing manner.”
For more information about the dedication contact Snyder at 970-350-9450 or

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