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News Release


Greeley Bronco Fans – A Class Act? 


For Immediate Release
For more information, media representatives should contact:
Sgt. Susan West, Greeley Police Department, Public Information Officer
Desk: 970-351-5383   Cell: 970-371-3708

Subject:  Greeley Bronco Fans – A Class Act? 
The Broncos are in the Super Bowl!  This is an exciting time, not just for Denver, but for the entire state.  The eyes of the nation will be focused first on the game and second on the fans.  Newspapers and other media are already talking about the fans and their antics.
We anticipate an exciting, hard-fought game and with the Broncos being the victors.  And with victory comes celebration.  The Greeley Police Department hopes everyone enjoys the game and all the accompanying festivities and we’d like to remind everyone to celebrate responsibly.  Unfortunately, previous Super Bowl victory celebrations were not responsible, and resulted in riots, injuries and damaged property. 
The Greeley Police Department is working in conjunction with the UNC Police Department and several other surrounding jurisdictions to insure a safe celebration for everyone.  There will be increased patrols and extra personnel on duty in order to respond rapidly to violations of the law or anything that may threaten the safety of our citizens and the community.  Unlawful, destructive or dangerous behavior will not be tolerated.
Colorado State law prohibits engaging in a riot and establishes the threshold for a riot as being three (3) people, so a group does not have to be large to be considered riotous.  If you see a crowd forming, leave the area.  Just standing and watching can contribute to the problem. 
To insure a safe, enjoyable and responsible celebration consider the following tips to avoid any problems:
 Celebrate in a non-confrontation, non-destructive manner
 Demonstrate good character
 Respect others and their property
 Drink alcohol in moderation/responsibly – know your limits
 Have a sober person – a designated driver
 If a problem develops, leave immediately
 Don’t block streets or roadways
 Don’t enter streets or roadways to celebrate
Greeley Police hope the Broncos are victorious and that everyone has a great time cheering them on to victory.  GO BRONCOS!

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