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The Parks Maintenance and Management Division provides effective and enjoyable facilities and parks at over 40 locations for the enhancement of the quality of life for all citizens of Greeley.

On a daily basis, Park Technicians are on site handling maintenance & repair, supervising and installing improvements, acting as public liaisons and coordinating special events. Additionally, we employ a full time Park Planner to continue the development of long and short term strategic plans to compliment the Parks Master Plan as well as the Trails Master Plan.


Owl Ridge Trail:
The North section of trail is CLOSED. Construction of neighborhood roads is underway. Keep an eye out for heavy equipment and truck traffic. Construction activity will determine the duration of the trail closure.
McCloskey Open Space:
Construction on the solar farm is underway. Keep an eye out for heavy equipment and truck traffic. Construction is not expected to impact trail use.

2014 Flooding Closures

Current Closures: Updated Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Parks Properties
  • Poudre River Ranch Natural Area (71st Avenue) CLOSED
    • Parking and trailhead are OPEN
    • No travel allowed off the main concrete surface
    • Standing Flood waters and extremely muddy areas remain
  • Sheep Draw Trail Corridor is OPEN; Be Aware: Flash flooding continues to occur with rains
    • Some trail segments have water, debris, and mud
    • Please tread lightly when exploring off the concrete surfaces

Poudre River Trail

  • OPEN in its entirety
    • Some trail segments have water, debris, and mud

For Information Specific to the Poudre River Trail, please visit their site at

Information about the Poudre Learning Center can be found at

Visit the Town of Windsor's website for additional information at

Additional Information
  • Please be aware of changing weather conditions... high temperatures and rain upstream of Greeley can cause flood waters to rise quickly and flash flooding
  • Flood related closure conditions make it very difficult for emergency equipment and personnel to access these areas. Please help us out and stay safe yourself by complying with posted closures and barricades. Public safety is paramount.
  • ALWAYS CALL 911 in an Emergency
  • If you have questions or comments related to Greeley Parks Trails & Open Lands Flooding, please feel free to call the Greeley Parks Office during regular business hours 970-350-9390 or email
  • In response to recent drought issues, we have a full-time staff member actively involved in irrigation management. We are working hard to establish an automated irrigation control system that will allow us to water according to plant water requirements (ET-Precipitation Rate) and collect ongoing data. The department has been actively involved in bringing all park locations online since 2003.
  • Staff members are always available to answer any questions you may have. If you ever encounter an unsafe condition in one of our parks please contact us immediately. Our department provides picnic shelter and park facility rentals. To inquire please contact (970) 350-9400. For facilities at Island Grove contact (970) 350-9392.
  • For additional updates, please see our most recent news releases.