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Fallen Heroes


Officer Whitman was assigned to the complaint desk and prisoner booking area. Late on the night of July 24, 1935, another officer brought a suspect, Jack Prince, in for booking. The arresting officer went back on patrol, leaving Prince alone with Officer Whitman. Prince pulled a .38 caliber revolver from his boot and shot and killed Whitman.


Officer Longworth was on patrol driving past a residence on 11th Ave. A husband/wife were quarreling.  Longworth stopped and advised them to stop or that the husband would go to jail.  Upon his return to patrol, he observed the two parties fighting again. He made contact and advised the man that he was under arrest. He requested to get an item from the house. As Longworth entered the house to check on him, the man shot him through the neck. The wife obtained a gun and shot the husband, killing him. Longworth was a quadriplegic for 16 years until he succumbed to the injuries in November, 1976.