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Investigations Division

The Investigations Division, commanded by a Captain of Police, is responsible the Criminal Investigations Section, Weld County Drug Task Force, Property/Fiscal Management, Victim Assistance Unit, Community Services Unit, School Resource Unit, Personnel and Training Unit, Accreditation and the Evidence Unit.

We are primarily a non-uniformed division who provide the support, investigative and prevention functions for the Department.

Criminal Investigations Section - responsible for conducting thorough in-depth follow-up investigations.

Weld County Task Force - responsible for all covert operations involving narcotics, vice and organized crime.

The Property/Fiscal Management Unit - Responsible for monitoring and providing support concerning budgetary and fiscal matters.

The Victim Services Unit - Responsible for the coordination and provision of victim/witness services or referrals for victims within the community.

Criminal Investigations Section

Conducts thorough and in-depth investigations in all major felony and complicated misdemeanor cases and coordinates the preparation and execution of search warrants.

The Criminal Investigations Section consists of four units. These include the General Assignment Unit, the Youth Unit, the Target Offense Unit and the Gang Intervention Unit. Two investigators are assigned to specialized assignments as the Check Fraud investigator and the Liquor Law Enforcement investigator.

General Assignment Unit
The General Assignment Unit directs its energies towards persons and some property offenses to include homicide, sex offenses, assault, fraud and forgery and larcenies.

Youth Unit and Liquor Investigator
The Youth Unit investigates those offenses as they pertain to juveniles. The Liquor Enforcement Investigator investigates all liquor related cases and liquor complaints filed by citizens.

Target Offense Team and Gang Intervention Unit
The Target Offense Team is responsible for reviewing and/or follow up on all reported target offenses.

The Gang Intervention Unit has two primary functions. First, to be the primary investigative unit on all crimes associated with gang activities. Second, to provide a proactive means of addressing problems involving known or suspected gang members.

Greeley/Weld County Forensic Lab
The Greeley/Weld County Forensic Lab provides several scientific services to the Weld County Sheriff’s Office and the Greeley Police Department. Follow the above link for the County Web Site.

Weld County Drug Task Force

This unit is made up of Greeley Police Department officers, Weld County Sheriff's Office deputies, and an Evans Police Department officer. The unit is responsible for the investigation of narcotics, organized crime and the criminal intelligence function.

The Weld County Drug Task Force investigates the unlawful activities of any organized group that engages in promoting extortion, theft, fencing, loan sharking, labor racketeering, supplying illegal goods and services such as gambling, pornography, prostitution, illegal trafficking in controlled substances, liquor or weapons, and other unlawful conduct that may include the illegal use of force, fraud, bribery and corruption.

The Criminal Intelligence component includes a centralized collection point for raw information regarding criminal activity, a maintained secure records system which can be analyzed and disseminate information to appropriate law enforcement intelligence networks, and Federal, State and local agencies.

Property/Fiscal Management Unit

This unit monitors and provides administrative support concerning all budgetary and fiscal matters relating to the Department.

The unit aids in the preparation and administration of the Department's annual budget while providing the required administrative support to the Chief of Police to facilitate coordinated long-range planning with the City Manager's Office.

The unit maintains records of purchases and service contracts while providing audit accountability for agency expenditures. It serves as the centralized point to conduct all requisitioning, specification, and procurement of agency-owned property for the Department.

Property Function The unit is responsible for the distribution and issuance of agency-owned property to authorized users. Property is stored in an operational state of readiness and is accountable to the Department.

Personnel Training Unit

The Personnel and Training Unit provides for the coordination of various types of training, administration of the Department's career development program and the maintenance of the training and personnel records of employees of the department.

The Personnel and Training Unit is responsible for the coordination of recruit in-service, supervisory, managerial, firearms and specialized training for members of the Department. The unit administers the Department's career development and higher education reimbursement programs while ensuring the maintenance of the individual personnel and training records of departmental members.

The unit maintains a liaison with the Civil Service Commission and the City of Greeley's Human Resources Department.

Evidence Unit

The Evidence Unit provides for the storage and security of evidence, found or recovered property.

The Evidence Unit is comprised of three persons who are not only responsible for the storage and security of evidence, found or recovered property, but for the coordination of laboratory analysis of evidence, the release or destruction of property as authorized by law of the property being held and providing contract services to the Weld County Sheriff's Office for evidence storage.

The Greeley Police Department property-evidence unit sends unclaimed property for public auction 3 to 5 times per year.