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Press Release: Police Deploy AEDs in Patrol Cars


Police Deploy AEDs in Patrol Cars 


In late September, 2012, Greeley Police will begin deploying AEDs, (Automated External Defibrillators) in many of their patrol cars.  The AEDs were purchased, in part, by a grant obtained by the Greeley Fire Department. 
“We believe the AEDs simply provide one more tool for us to help our citizens.  That’s why we are here,” said Police Chief Jerry Garner. 
Officers have received training on recognizing the need for, and operation of, an AED during events requiring CPR, as a part of the ongoing training the Department provides monthly. Police will now be advised through the dispatch center of calls involving possible cardiac events. While the call will still be the responsibility of medical and fire personnel, officers will respond if they are in the area and available. 
According to Greeley Fire Department EMS Coordinator Bill Diershow, statistics have shown that earlier is always better with regard to resuscitation efforts, and often times police are closer than paramedics or fire personnel.  Less than half of the police departments throughout the nation carry AEDs in patrol cars, putting Greeley on the leading edge of this type of program.
Depicted in the accompanying images are photos of the Police Department’s AED program coordinator, Officer David Wiles (far left).  Also pictured (from left to right) are several recent recipients of the Departments Life Saving Award, Officers Joe Timm and Doug Medhurst,  Steve Brown.  These three officers used CPR to save the lives of two individuals because they were first at the scene, recognized the symptoms and knew what to do.  




AEDs Deployed to Patrol Cars 
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