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Press Release: Dog Days of Summer


Dog Days of Summer  


Pets are known to enjoy car trips and often bring smiles to passersby as they hang their heads out going down the street. They love the air in their face and the excitement of “getting to go!” With summer upon us it’s time for a couple of reminders when it comes to travelling with your pet.

Greeley Municipal ordinances prohibit “confining any animal within a parked, closed vehicle, without allowing cross-ventilation to prevent the animal from suffering heat exhaustion, heat stroke or death; and under no circumstances shall a person confine such animal in any parked, closed vehicle on any public street or way for more than thirty (30) minutes. Any animal control officer or any police officer observing any animal kept in violation of this Section may enter the vehicle, leaving written notice in the vehicle and shall impound such animal to protect its well-being.”

The temperature inside a vehicle rises quickly and pets inside can be subjected to very high temperatures in a very short time. Even with the windows cracked, the temperatures often are more than animals can safely endure. Animal control officers have found many animals in vehicles with temperatures in excess of 120 degrees. Unfortunately, some of these animals have suffered serious issues from being left in these conditions.

To keep summer safe for pets too, please consider leaving your pet in the coolness of your house, or the shade of the backyard, if your trip is going to end with parking the car for a period of time, even a short time. Let’s keep them cool!




Created at 5/29/2013 9:50 AM  by Monica Ly 
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