City Of Greeley

Hockey Camps & Clinics


Adult Skills & Drills

Instruction of fundamentals provided by professional Coaches: Skating, Passing, Shooting, Positional Play & Fundamental tactics and receive unparalleled insight into what really works and what does not.

Your skating skills will dramatically improve breaking down the skating stride to the absolute basics and build your confidence and ability from there.  

Schedule varies - check Stix & Kix section on the home page for a current schedule.

Fee $6 participants



Stick 'N' Puck

Stick ‘N’ Puck is time devoted to working on your hockey skills. All ages. Helmet, shinpads, elbowpads and gloves required. Adult must accompany anyone under age 8. Call (970) 350-9402 for more information.

Check out our Stix & Kix section on the home page for dates/times

Fee $6