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Skate School lessons for ages 3 & up...

The Ice Haus Skate School provides a number of different opportunities in ice skating, whether you want to learn basic skating skills or are pursuing advanced skating techniques, jumps and spins. Our coaches are certified members of the Professional Skating Association, have years of experience and knowledge within the sport, and follow guidelines of the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA).


To register online, you must obtain an ID & PIN at least 48 hours in advance.
Please call (970) 350-9401 for more information.

Check out the Recreation Connection online for class codes


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Fee $53 resident, $63 non-resident (includes skate rental)
**As of July, 2013 all participants must pay $13/year USFSA registration fee. 

Winter Session II Feb 19-March 29
Register Jan 20-Feb 22
Late Fee $5 after Feb 22

Spring Session I April 2-May 10
Register March 1-April 4
Late Fee $5 after April 4

Spring Session II May 14-June 21
Register April 15-May 16
Late Fee $5 after May 16

Saturdays beginning Feb 22, April 5 & May 17  
9-9:30am            Snowplow Sam 1/Parent-Tot, Adult 1-4, Basic 1
9:35-10:05am      Basic 2, Basic 3/4, Snowplow Sam 2/3
10:10-10:40am    Freeskate 3/4, Basic 7/8, Basic 5/6, 1/2 ice practice
10:45-11:15am    Freeskate 1/2, Adult Masters, Freeskate 5/6
11:15-11:45am    Artistry in Motion (first session), Power & Conditioning (second session)

Wednesdays beginning Feb 19, April 2 & May 14
6:15-6:45pm       Snowplow Sam 2/3
6:45-7:15pm       Basic 1 
7:15-7:45pm       Basic 2

Fridays beginning Feb 21, April 4 & May 16
12-12:30pm        Snowplow Sam 1-3 
12:30-1pm          Basic 1
1-1:30pm            Basic 2

Class Descriptions
For parents and their children. Focus is on basic skating coordination needed to move on to Snowplow Sam or Basic level. Age 3-5 yrs.

Snowplow Sam Levels 1-3
To develop coordination and strength that will carry over to the basic skills classes. Age 3-5.

Basic 1
Introduces the fundamentals of basic skating skills to participants. Age 6+.

Basic 2-8
Develop existing skills and learn basic turn, jump and spin technique, enabling advancement to the more specialized areas of skating.

Freeskate 1-6
Advanced jump and spin technique while combining footwork, power and edge control. The level where a skater decides to go competitive or stay recreational.

Adult 1-4
An opportunity for adults to learn the fundamentals of skating.

Adult Masters
For adults who have passed Adult 1-4. The class will incorporate jumps, spins and footwork.

Artistry In Motion
A standardized choreography and style class to be used in conjunction with Basic 5 and above. The beginning of a figure skaters artistic education and creative movement on ice. 

Power and Conditioning
Challenges the advanced skater by incorporating strength, flexibility, endurance and explosive power into their skating. 

*All class times are subject to change.

Saturday • 9-10am

This class introduces the advanced skater to upper body movement and expression while interpreting different genre's of music. This will be a great benefit to the skaters overall presentation while performing. Ages 6+

Winter Session II March 1-22          Registration Jan 20-March 1

Spring Session I April 12-May 3      Registration March 1-April 4
Spring Session II May 24-June 14  Registration April 15-May 16


Friday • 5:30-6:15pm
This class will encompass aerobic and anaerobic exercises, jump technique with rotational gain and a range of fundamental movement skills that improve coordination, balance, strength and flexibility which also lowers the risk for injury in competitive skating. A must for those in Preliminary and up!! Age 8+. Min-4, Max-25.

Winter Session II Feb 28-March 21     Registration Jan 20-Feb 28

Spring Session I April 11-May 2           Registration March 1-April 4
Spring Session II may 23-June 13       Registration April 15-May 16