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Design Standards - NEW - March 2007

Addendum June 2008 - Updated July 31, 2008         

All construction development, repair or adjustments affecting city infrastructure within the City of Greeley must adhere to current standards.

The City of Greeley Storm Drainage Design Criteria and Construction Specification document is intended to provide guidance for the design, review, and construction of those public improvements in or under the public right-of-way and public easements.

The Storm Drainage Criteria and Construction Specifications (SDDC) Volume II of the Design Criteria and Construction Specifications Manual is available by sections listed below.

Please note that the Urban Drainage Criteria Manual, published by the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District, is referenced in the SDDC manual and Engineers will need to consult both manuals to prepare a complete drainage evaluation. Visit their website,, for more information and for specialized design software.

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Storm Drainage Criteria & Construction Specifications (SDDC) March 2007/Addendum June 2008

The new (March 2007) completely reformatted and revised Storm Drainage Design Criteria and Construction Specification Manual is available by sections as listed below. The table of contents and title page are now in a separate document.

Download Adobe Reader:

DWG -Consultants should use these AutoCAD drawing files to include into a set of construction plans. If drawings are altered for other uses they are no longer "standard". The City logo, Detail Name and Number must be removed by the Consultant. All "Non-Standard" details must be reviewed and approved by the City of Greeley.

Included with the AutoCAD download is a plot file to incorporate into your drawings. Pertinent data, should you decide to set up your own plot file, may be found in the Read Me file. An effort has been made to consolidate the prior numerous layers, colors, etc. into a short group of layers specifically made to make revisions to the individual consultant's needs. The plot style is color based.

Also included with the standard details are two additional drawings that can be used in the construction plans. These are the PUBLIC WORKS SIGNATURE BLOCK and UTILITY NOTIFICATION.

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