City Of Greeley

Stormwater Bi-Annual Survey

One of the components of the City of Greeley's Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) is to conduct Bi-Annual Citizen Survey/Questionnaires which began in 2006.

The responses to the Bi-Annual Survey/Questionnaire help the Stormwater Division determine how effective we have been at notifying the public about what we can do to help improve the water quality of the City's waterways. In addition, the responses provide the Stormwater Division with information needed to continue working on and/or revising the programs outlined in the SWMP.

2012 Survey Results 

2010 Survey Results:
Full Detailed Results; Executive Summary; Topics of Interest

2008 Survey Results:
Executive Summary; Complete Results, including Charts, etc.

2006 Survey Results

Updated: 08.15.13