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If you have an after hours need call the Greeley Police at (970)350-9600 to have someone dispatched.

1203 3rd Street
Greeley, CO 80631
tel: (970) 350-9336
fax: (970) 350-9268
M-F 7:00-3:30 (MST)
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Customer Service

Customer service is the main focus for all Street Division employees. Our role is to meet and or exceed the realistic expectations of our customers, both internal and external. What you can expect from our commitment to customer service: 

  • Quality Customer Service 
  • Self-improvement
  • Effective Communication
  • Team Oriented 
  • Safety Oriented
  • Accountability
  • Quality Programs




C OMMITMENT - We are committed to our citizens and fellow coworkers as our valued customers.
U NDERSTANDING - We understand that each customer’s needs must be promptly addressed.
S ERVICE - We take pride in providing superior service.
T RUST - We believe mutual trust strengthens community relations.
O RGANIZED - We will serve our customers in an organized and efficient manner.
M EASURE - We know our performance is measured by how well we provide customer service.
E XCELLENCE - We will seek excellence in meeting our customer’s expectation.
R EALIZE - We realize that our actions speak louder than our words.
S ENSITIVE - We are sensitive to the diverse needs of our customers.
F LEXIBILITY - We will be flexible in meeting our customer’s needs.
I NTEGRITY - We believe integrity is the foundation of our community.
R ESPECT - We will treat everyone with respect.
S UPPORT - We support citizen participation at all levels.
T HANKS - We thank you for letting us be of service to you.


Safety Training

Doing everything in our power to provide a safe working environment and to eliminate losses from accidents. Effective accident prevention training is a constant and continuing responsibility of our division, carried out through safety meetings, safety seminars, new employee orientations.

Vehicle Inspections
Daily inspections are made by the operator prior to the operation of any assigned vehicle, or any time a new vehicle is assigned. If problems or discrepancies are observed, it is repaired immediately by the operator and the vehicle is not used until repairs are made. If repairs can not be made it is reported to the responsible supervisor. The supervisor reviews and notes corrective action needed and daily logs are utilized.

Written safety programs

The City has a written safety program that is followed by all employees.

Safety Committee
The street division has a safety committee made up of six (6) employees. The committee reviews accidents and makes safety suggestions. The committees main purpose is to reduce/ eliminate injuries and or accidents.