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If you have an after hours need call the Greeley Police at (970)350-9600 to have someone dispatched.

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Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is one of the most visible aspects of the Street Division.

Street sweepers remove debris from our streets & prevent it from entering our storm drains. Street sweeping also helps the city
comply with state and federal storm water quality requirements in accordance with National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

Clean streets and gutters not only give the City an overall clean appearance but aids in helping reduce Urban runoff, pollutants that enter storm drains and our waterways when it rains or snows.

The City of Greeley Street Division is responsible for the daily maintenance, service for equipment and for sweeping over 388 miles or 776 curb miles (a curb mile is from the centerline to the edge of roadway).

Did You Know?
  • City of Greeley Code 9.16.180 Throwing or sweeping refuse.
    It is unlawful for refuse of any kind or nature whatsoever to be thrown or swept into any street, sidewalk, gutter, sewer, intake, alley, vacant lot or other property. (Prior code 13-138)
    This includes leaves and tree limbs.
  • Leaving a Vehicle unattended within any portion of a street or highway right-of-way or a period of twenty-four (24) hours or more is unlawful.
  • No Parking signs have been posted in the downtown area between 7th Avenue and 11th Avenue and 5th Street and 13th Street.
  • Other No Parking signs have been added along both sides of 16th Street between 9th and 10th Avenue.
  • The sweeper operators will have temporary “No Parking” signs posted in designated areas as needed.
  • Getting vehicles moved off the street helps us to clean the streets better.
  • Parked or abandoned vehicles can cause dirt and debris to build up causing storm water to back into the street.

The following maintenance schedule was developed for sweeping from a list of priorities taking into consideration seasonal demands, and special circumstances.

*Guidelines only - other factors may necessitate actions.

Priority Map

  • Priority 1: Main arterials are first priority and are swept a minimum of once a month.
  • Residential streets west of 47th Avenue - are swept a minimum of three times a year .
  • Residential streets east of 47th Avenue are swept five times due to the more maturate trees and alleys in the older areas of Greeley.
  • Downtown streets weekly. (Early morning on Fridays).
  • Downtown alleys monthly.
  • Other paved alleys -- five times per year along with the streets.
  • City owned parking lots -- monthly. (Early morning to avoid parked cars.)
  • Specials -- anytime. A special is anytime the sweeper stops routine sweeping to take care of a request ie: accidents, glass, dirt etc.
  • Request from other City Divisions and Departments. The sweeping team will respond to these requests in a timely manner. i.e. Youth Sports complex, Linn Grove Cemetery, etc.
  • Over holidays, school vacations, etc., the sweeping team make it a priority to sweep around schools.