City Of Greeley

Pavement Markings

If you notice a traffic signal malfunctioning, or wish to have us evaluate the timing or placement of
traffic signals, please contact us either by:

If this is an emergency situation please contact 911.

The City of Greeley Transportation Services maintains and manages pavement markings along all arterial, collector, and local streets within Greeley. Types of markings include:
  • BIKE LANE SYSTEM: includes maintenance on 40 miles of bike lanes, and 820 bike lane symbols at 104 locations.
  • CURB MARKING: includes yellow no parking areas (35,000 linear feet), red and white bus stops (2370 linear feet), black and white loading zones (4000 linear feet), and blue handicapped parking areas (1300 linear feet).
  • LANE CONTROL SYMBOLS AND SPECIAL MARKINGS: consist of arrow symbols, stop and school crossing symbols. A total of approximately 900 symbols at 196 locations are maintained plus painted islands, raised island markers, and fire lanes. Approximately 66 markings at 61 locations are maintained.
  • PARKING DELINEATION: encompasses parking lots at public buildings, parks, golf courses, and the youth sports complex. On street parking, and handicapped accessible parking is also included. Over 37 parking lots, 50 blocks of on street parking, 84 handicapped accessible parking spaces and 4500 parking spaces at 87 locations are maintained.
  • PEDESTRIAN CROSSWALKS: includes 170 crosswalks at 75 locations are maintained.
  • SCHOOL CROSSWALKS: maintains 420 crosswalks and 67 stop bars at our schools.
  • SIGNAL INTERSECTION MARKINGS: includes crosswalks, stop bars, centerlines, edge lines, bike lines, and symbols. A total of 309 crosswalks, 300 stop bars, 47,000 linear feet of centerline, and 400 arrow symbols.
  • SPECIAL MARKING: Painted islands, gores, raised island markers and fire lanes.
  • STREET STRIPING: maintains 1125 lane miles, applying 4,000,000 linear feet of continuous 4" line each year. When converted to miles, this would equal 740 miles.
Long Line Paint Truck

Durotherm Inlaid Crosswalk