City Of Greeley

Specifications for Banners

A banner permit fee of $300 will be assessed for each two weeks a banner location is reserved. Permit fees shall be paid at the time of request for the banner permit. The two-week time periods may be reserved twelve (12) months prior to the requested banner installation date. In the event more than one request/application is received for a specific installation date and the conflict cannot be resolved between the applicants by scheduling the banner space within a prior two-week period, (providing space availability), a drawing will take place to determine banner placement. Revenue generating requests shall take priority at all times over non-revenue generating requests.

Permission to hang a banner will be granted by the Public Works Department based on an approved, paid permit, acceptable message content (no political or commercial advertising), and specified banner construction. The Public Works Department will notify the permit holder regarding any banner not considered safe or conforming to specifications.

Banners shall conform to the following specifications. Only banners of 35 feet, 40 feet, or 45 feet long will be allowed to be hung, and each banner must have 95 feet of rope on both the top and the bottom. Rope shall be a minimum of 3/8" soft nylon rope and must have a working strength of 450 lbs.

The banner shall be of 12 to 15 oz. canvas or equivalent strength material before treatment. It shall be no more than 3 feet from top to bottom or no less than 36" wide. The rope shall be sewn in the top and bottom full length, with grommets located below the rope hem on the top. The grommets shall be no more than 4 feet apart on top, with no less than 7 grommets on the bottom - one grommet on each corner with the others spaced evenly between. There shall be no less than four (4) wind holes on a banner. These wind holes shall be round shaped, 1 foot diameter, with top flap attachment reinforced as shown on the attached diagram.

Snap hooks must be furnished in the same number as the number of grommet holes in the banner. Please install snaphooks in all eyelets prior to delivery.

Banners must be delivered to the Traffic Division, 1300 “A” Street, five (5) working days prior to installation for inspection and approval. Damaged banners shall be removed immediately. All banners must be picked up within five (5) working days of scheduled removal or a storage charge will be assessed. The Traffic Division is not liable or responsible for any banners that are not picked up within thirty (30) days from scheduled removal date.
  • For a 35' banner, eleven (11) eyelets are required across the top, and seven (7) along the bottom.
  • For a 40' banner, twelve (12) eyelets are required across the top, and eight( 8) along the bottom.
  • For a 45' banner, thirteen (13) eyelets are required across the top, and nine (9) along the bottom.

Due to public safety, you must adhere to these standards being these are hung over roadways with large traffic volumes. Our weather in Greeley is sometimes unpredictable (high winds) which can cause damage to the banner and what ever is below the banner,

Any problems or questions, please call 970.350.9355. Thank You!

REVISED 10/2001

Banner Diagram - Here is the City of Greeley Graphic Banner Specifications