City Of Greeley


Streetlights provide a safe and effective method to illuminate the streets for both vehicles and pedestrians. The Transportation Services department is responsible for ensuring the streetlights are working as anticipated, and tasked with strategically planning and managing streetlights for Greeley growth.  All the streetlights in Greeley have been inventoried using the latest GPS technologies.  This allows for quick location of reported streetlight outages, and faster turnaround for repairs.

Streetlights are owned by Xcel Energy. The City of Greeley pays Xcel Energy for the energy usage, maintenance, repair, and installation of streetlights.

Reporting a Streetlight Problem

If you notice any street lights in your neighborhood, or anywhere else in the City that are in need of repair, please read the following information to help expedite repair of the streetlight. Options for reporting a Streetlight problem include the following:

Xcel Energy uses a Grid system to identify the streetlight. The Grid tag is located approximately 7 feet off the ground.
  • Section Number: The first number at the top
  • Township & Range: The next row is the township and range (sometimes it may have an "N" or a "W" after the number).
  • Rise: The one on top of the other, is the Rise
  • Run: The lower number

If possible, copy the numbers and letters exactly as you see them and have that information handy when you request repair.

What to see a map of all the streetlights in Greeley?  Check out the Greeley Streetlight Map here.