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Announcements: Lift Station #13 and Stormwater Box Culvert Project


Lift Station #13 and Stormwater Box Culvert Project 


The City of Greeley is replacing a wastewater collection lift station and improving a stormwater box culvert at 22nd Street and 35th Avenue. The projects are planned for construction at the same time and will help wastewater and stormwater operations in the area. Construction of this project will begin on May 27 and is scheduled for completion on August 25.


During construction, at least one lane of traffic in each direction will always be open on 35th Avenue. A portion of 22nd Street will be closed to through traffic during construction, but access to local residences and businesses will be available. This project is taking place in the summer to avoid disruption to Greeley West High School. Temporary access signs will direct traffic to local businesses and churches.


The lift station takes wastewater flows from the surrounding drainage basin and pumps those flows north up 35th Avenue to 19th Street Road where it empties into a gravity line that flows to the Water Pollution Control Facility in northeast Greeley. The current lift station is 39 years old and parts are no longer available to maintain the weakening structure. The new lift station will be below ground and will have the capability to pump 1,700 gallons of sewage per minute. The new system will have an auto start system that will continue to operate, even when the power fails.


The City is constructing the stormwater portion of this project to improve flood protection for residences and businesses in the area. Now a minor amount of precipitation results in stormwater running over the top of 35th Avenue from west to east. The depth of water crossing 35th Avenue during a major storm event could exceed one foot in depth and would not be safe for cars or emergency vehicles to pass. The stormwater project consists of the construction of channel enlargement, a new larger outlet concrete box, a new concrete box culvert across 35th Avenue and a large new concrete infiltration box. There will also be a new valley pan on the west side of 35th Avenue, in addition to a new curb, gutter and sidewalk on both the west and east side of 35th Avenue. 


All landscaping and other amenities in the construction area will be restored to pre-construction condition or better, once the project is complete.





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