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Water and Sewer > Announcements > Greeley’s Xeric Garden is Looking for Volunteers  

Announcements: Greeley’s Xeric Garden is Looking for Volunteers


Greeley’s Xeric Garden is Looking for Volunteers  


toolsThe Greeley Water Conservation Program is looking volunteers who would like form a volunteer force to work on Wednesday mornings for 4 hours to help staff maintain the Greeley Xeriscape Garden at 2503 Reservoir Road. Please contact Cat Hagan at 415-1571 or e-mail her if you are interested.

Would you like to:

  • Learn more about Xeriscape, plants and gardening

  • Contribute to your community

  • Identify weeds and learn about weed control

  • Work outside through the growing season

  • Visit with residents on the Xeric Garden

  • Implement proper planting techniques

  • Learn more about composting

  • Maintain a Xeric garden

  • Discover wildlife gardening and pollinators

  • Learn about pruning

Do you have skills in?

  • Gardening or landscaping

  • Building or construction

  • Machinery repairs

  • Education of adults and/or children

  • Other?





Created at 6/29/2012 2:20 PM  by Natalie Stevens 
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