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Announcements: Greeley Saves 96 Million Gallons of Water in 15 Days


Greeley Saves 96 Million Gallons of Water in 15 Days 


During the first 15 days of October, when compared with the five-year average, Greeley customers saved 96 million gallons of water, or enough to supply 640 homes for an entire year. Compared with last year, the savings is even greater, at 111 million gallons or water for 740 homes.  “I would like to thank City of Greeley residents for being responsive to our voluntary watering restrictions, “ said Jon Monson, Greeley’s Water and Sewer Director.

This year due to wildfires and drought conditions, the City of Greeley asked customers to voluntarily stop lawn watering on October 1, two weeks earlier than usual. This is the time of year when the first frost occurs and can damage underground sprinkler systems.


The City of Greeley facilities, street medians and parks that do not have sports activities on them, stop lawn watering in early October. In addition, School District 6 voluntarily shut down watering early to non-sports fields and lawns. Sports fields still need some water, due to wear and tear and safety concerns.

This will keep more water in our reservoirs for use over the winter and will help once lawn watering resumes in the spring. The normal watering restrictions extend to December 31, to allow customers to water trees and shrubs in the winter, when temperatures are above 50 degrees. Residents are encouraged to water trees and shrubs this year due to the dry conditions. Without water, older, stressed, and new trees as well as certain species like birch are especially susceptible to winter kill. Please water only when needed.





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