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Oil, gas and coal have gotten us this far, but as they run out, we have to learn to conserve and use more renewable resources.  That's why the City is involved in the following projects, programs and initiatives:

Energy Efficient City Buildings: City staff has worked hard over recent years to minimize the cost of energy in its buildings and operations and constantly seeks funding to help convert older systems to increase efficiency. The City recently received a $400,000 State “New Energy Communities” grant, which will help replace older, obsolete heating and ventilation equipment in City buildings.

Energy Efficiency & Conservation Strategy: Greeley has also been awarded $870,000 in federal energy funds to help refine its community conservation strategy. Again, reducing energy use in City buildings, equipment, and services is top of the list, followed by developing renewable energy practices and improvements. The new equipment and improvements will save tax dollars through energy savings of 20 to 75 percent.

Waste to Energy Grant: The City was awarded a New Energy Economic Development (NEED) grant from the governor’s Energy Office in April of this year to conduct a Phase 1 Engineering and Business Feasibility study to determine the best available technology and the economic feasibility of operating a bio-digester capable of converting waste to energy.  The report is scheduled for completion in November and will provide an analysis of waste feed stock, anaerobic digester technology, capital costs, energy revenues, and funding sources available for renewable energy projects.  The report will be made available on the City’s website sometime in mid November.

Weatherization funds for homeowners: low and no interest rate loans are available to help qualified homeowners make improvements to their homes to reduce energy waste. Attic insulation, roof repairs, window and appliance replacement are the kinds of items that can be funded. Homeowners can start saving on energy bills right away by making a number of small but very significant home improvements through this program.

Greeley Evans Transit (GET) provides a variety of ways for you to get around town while leaving your car at home.  Bus services include regular routes around the Greeley/Evans area, an express route to Loveland, call-a-ride programs and special deals for seniors, students and disabled.  Download a rider guide here or visit the GET website for more info.

Greeley gREeNEWAL Program:

City of Greeley recently received funds through the federal ARRA program to undertake energy efficiency and conservation projects in the community.  Some of the funds are being used to improve energy efficiency in several city facilities. These projects will enhance on-going efforts to reduce heating and cooling costs through the use of less electricity and gas with the added environmental benefit of reducing air pollution. The balance of the funds is being offered to owners of commercial buildings located within the City's Redevelopment District through the Greeley gREeNEWAL Program.

gREeNEWAL Loan Application: Click Here

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