City Of Greeley

Roadway patching, repair and maintenance projects continue.  Please find below numerous resources to help you navigate the "Cone Zones".

To report a pothole or other street defect, contact the Department of Public Works Street Division at (970) 350-9336 or use the Online Reporting Form.



View the 2014 Projected Street Maintenance Map including major overlay, chip seal, sealcoat and patching projects


Please Drive Safely!

Detours and delays will occur in and around the construction zones and all motorists are asked to please drive slowly and carefully as construction zone speeds will be enforced by the Greeley Police Department.  Motorists are advised to choose alternate routes to avoid the construction zones.


Construction Zones (as of 7/17/2014)

  • 51st Avenue & 21st Street.  Replace water line.
  • 18th Street east side of 6th Avenue.  Utility construction.
  • 9th Avenue & 7th Street.  Concrete repair.
  • 35th Avenue & 6th Street.  Concrete repair.
  • 11th Avenue & 19th Street.  Utility construction.
  • 8th Avenue & 16th Street.  Mill & pave.
  • 22nd Street & Hwy 85.  Mill & pave.
  • 9th Avenue between 7th & 10th Streets / 9th Street between 9th & 10th Avenues, parking lots also includes street parking.  Closure.  Pavement repair. 
  • 2nd Street from 14th to 23rd Avenues.  Mill & pave.
  • St Mary’s Catholic Church.  Sidewalk repair.
  • 36th Avenue & 6th Street.  Concrete repair.
  • Alley between 10th & 11th Avenues/15th -20th Streets.  Utility construction.
  • 2206 8th Street.  Concrete construction.
  • W 20th Street from 71st – 83rd Avenues.  Utility potholing.
  • Alley between 20th & 21st Street / 7th & 8th Avenues.  Alley reconstruction.
  • 71st Avenue north of 10th Street.  Utility construction.
  • 20th Street & 46th Avenue area.  Install 3 new poles.
  • 28th Avenue & 10th Street.  Relocate equipment for City of Greeley street project.
  • 9th Ave & 10th Street.  Utility repair.
  • 9th Ave & 9th Street.  Utility repair.
  • Grizzly Lane (66th Avenue).  Utility construction.
  • Reservoir Road & 23rd Avenue.  Concrete repair.
  • 35th Avenue from 12th – 16th Street.  Replace bike path and sidewalk.
  • 11th Avenue & 16th Street.  Utility repair.
  • 7th Street & 9th Avenue.  Utility repair.
  • 2929 W 10th Street.  Utility construction.
  • 16th Street & 10th Avenue.  Traffic signal repair
  • 2603 W 10th Street.  Utility construction.
  • 1400 & 1500 blks of 8th Ave.  Remove street light and foundations. 
  • Various locations.  Concrete repair program.
  • 15th Street from 6th to 16th Avenues.  Overhead line repair.
  • N. of A Street on west side of 14th Avenue – Centennial Village.  Install art fence.
  • 26th Avenue from 10th to 11th Street Road.  Concrete repair.
  • 20th Street from 1st Avenue to Balsam.  Street reconstruction.
  • 26th Avenue from 10th to 11th Street Road.  Concrete construction.
  • Various locations.  2014 Street patching program
  • 23rd Avenue from Reservoir Road to 22nd Street.  Pot holing, directional boring.  
  • 7th Street from 7th – 9th Avenues.  Utility construction.
  • 2109 51st Avenue.  Utility repair.
  • W 10th Street from 24th – 30th Avenues. 
  • 10th Street Access Improvements project.
  • 71st Avenue / 10th Street & 69th Avenue & 10th Street.  New development.
  • 2308 W 29th Street.  Bore for new fiber optics.
  • N. 8th Avenue from 1st to "A" Streets.  Install curb, gutter and sidewalk.
  • 1750 6th Avenue.  Parking for construction trailers.

Pavement Maintenance Funding

The City is responsible for the maintenance and repair of over 360 miles of paved roadway within the city limits.   


Need More Information?

Have questions or comments related to ongoing and upcoming road work?  Email us at


Pat Hill, Pavement Management Coordinator at or (970) 350-9540; or Steve Bagley, City Engineer at or (970) 350-9792; Jim Neergaard, Traffic Engineer at or (970) 336-4091; are also available to answer questions.