City Of Greeley

Engineering Services

Engineering Services provides planning, design and construction management for a variety of street infrastructure improvements throughout the City. The program manages improvements to existing as well as new infrastructure. Our services provide for the quality construction of the City's transportation infrastructure in accordance with current design and City of Greeley standards. We plan, manage, design and build a better infrastructure for the City of Greeley.

Address Assignment

Use the links below to view a graphic representation of the address assigned to subdivisions.

Addresses are given to platted subdivisions by the Engineering Services Program. Click on the subdivision name to view the addresses.

New Subdivisions 2003 - Present

Cedarwoods Retail
Center Park Minor
Centerplace 2nd
Centerplace 3rd Filing
Centerplace Phase 3
Centerplace North
College Green Corner
College Green Office Park
Fox Run 3rd Filing
Fox Run Business Park
Gateway Estates 3rd Filing
Gateway Lakes
Grace Point Minor
Gura 1st Minor Sub
Habitat North
Hiland Park Office Complex
Homestead Heights 3rd Filing
Homestead 1st Minor Sub
McCloskey Commercial
Meadowview Assisted Living
Mountain Shadows 1 & 2
Mountain Shadows 3rd
Mountain Vista 2nd Filing
Mountain Vista 3rd Filing
Mountain Vista 3rd Replat A
Mountain Vista Office Park

New Hope Minor Sub
North Ridge Estates
Owl Ridge
Owl Ridge 3rd Filing
Pebble Brook
Pinnacle Park
Poudre River Ranch 3rd
Poudre River Ranch 3rd and River Run
Promontory Residential 1st
Promontory Residential All
Pumpkin Ridge
Pumpkin Ridge 2nd Filing
Rangeview Commons 2nd filing
River View Farms
Shops @Sunset Ridge
St. Michael's Sub
St. Michael's 1st Replat
St. Michaels Town Center
St. Michaels Estate Lots
Suffolk 2nd
The Village at Fox Run
West Greeley Tech Center

Archival of City Infrastructure Documents

Engineering Services archives documents related to the development of the City's infrastructure.

Our archives contain development plans, construction drawings, and plats that have been filed for development within the City of Greeley. These documents can be accessed by an Engineering staff member in our office at The Public Works Building. Use the "Contact Us" link on the left side of this page to request information. All archives are inventoried into a database and the hard copy materials are kept in flat files. Letters, memos or notices of correspondence are also archived in this format. All items are classified under the Freedom of Information act.

Please contact us at 970-350-9789 with any requests for copies of our archived documents. We are able to produce blue line document copies when requested. Cost is based on the requested materials and number of copies.

Capital Improvements Project Management

Management by the Engineering Services Team assures the City infrastructure projects are monitored by one person from beginning to end. This includes, project planning, budget analysis and development, contractor management, and project completion.

Projects Under Design Projects Under Construction Projects Completed

 * Sheep Draw Trail through Hunters Cove  to Poudre River Trail (West of 59th Ave/North & South of C Street):
* Completion of 10' wide concrete trail through Hunters Cove Subdivision to Poudre River Trail.
* 3 Year Project
* Design - Complete
* Right-of-Way Acquisition - Complete
* Construction - Summer of 2014
* Sarah Boyd 336-4180.

* East 16th St. Improvements - Hwy 85 bypass to Ash Ave.
Roadway widening and intersection improvements.
* Design will be completed in 2013. 
* Construction will occur in 2014.
* Joe Marcisofsky 336-4124.

* Greeley Evans Transit Center (SW corner of 11th Ave/1st St):
New transportation center with 1,600 SF lobby with restrooms.
* Final design will be completed in the fall of 2014.
Construction is planned for the spring of 2015, but is dependent on the final scope of the project and the status of applied for grants.
* Will Jones 350-9751

* E. 20th St. Reconstruction (Balsam Ave - 1st Ave)
* Street and stormwater improvements in E. 20th St. right-of-way, from Balsam Ave to 1st Ave.
* Utility conflicts are expected.
* Design - Final drawings were completed in 2006, but have been refreshed.
* Construction - May of  2014 - September 2014.
* Dave Wells 350-9796.

* 16th Street Reconstruction (1st Ave - Ash Ave)
Design will be completed in the spring of 2014
* Construction will occur in 2014.
* Joe Marcisofsky 336-4124.

* City Parking Lot at the SE Corner of 10th St & 6th Ave.
* Parking lot will be designed in house in 2014.
* Construction is planned for summer/fall 2014.
* Joe Marcisofsky 336-4124.

* Greeley Evans Transit Center (SW Corner of 11th Ave & 1st St.)
* New transportation center with 1,600 SF lobby with restrooms.
* SOQ for design consultant is out.
* Final design will be completed in late spring of 2014.
* Construction is planned for 2014, but is dependent on the final scope of the project and the status of applied for grants.

* 20th St. Widening (71st Ave - 83rd Ave): 
* Utility conflicts are anticipated.

* 23rd Ave & 10th St Intersection Imrovements:

* Waterline Lowerings (Various Locations):
Lowering of City waterlines to accommodate CDOT stormwater improvements associated with the US 85 Bypass reconstruction project.

* Greeley Evans Transit (GET) Bus Stop Improvements (Various locations):
* Construction contract awarded to Northstar Concrete.
* Under Construction
* Rafael Samaniego 336-4122.

* Reservoir Road Bike Path (17th Ave - 28th St):
6' Concrete path from 23rd Ave to 28th St.
* Construction will be completed in 2014 and 2015.
* Pat Hill 350-9540.

* 8th Ave Intersection Corridor (16th Street to Downtown)
Street and pedestrian friendly improvements, include crosswalks, lighting and landscaping.
* Undergrounding of overhead power lines anticipated along 16th St. from alley east of 8th Ave. to GIC #3 Canal.
this. Utility undergrounding has been completed.
* 1st phase of construction will focus on the 8th Ave/16th St intersection.
* Construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of January.
* Landscaping will be completed in the spring under a separate contract.
* Joe Marcisofsky 336-4124.

* 2014 Street Overlay Program
65th Ave - Hwy 34 - 37th St.
* 11th Ave - H street - O St.

* 10th St. Access control plan implementation (23rd Ave - 35th Ave):
* Project will include the construction of curb, gutter, sidewalks and the implementation of landscaping.
* Design awarded to HDR.
* Construction - April - September 2014.
* Rafael Samaniego 336-4122.

* Fiber Optic Communication System for the Traffic Signal Control System (71st Ave - Hwy 85 Bypass/A St. - US Hwy 34 Bypass):
* Phase 1 - Construction is complete.
* Phase 2 - Construction Contract Awarded to Sturgeon Electric Company.
* Construction  - August, 2013 - July, 2014.
* Eric Bracke 350-9357.

* #3 Ditch Pedestrian bike trail - 4th St - 35th Ave: Design contract awarded to Icon Engineering Inc.
* IGA between CDOT and City of Greeley. 
* Construction completed. 

* Hwy 85/13th Street Intersection Improvements:
* Removal & replacement of concrete intersection.
* Construction of 492 LF of 42" RCP adjacent to & east of Hwy 85, north of 13th St.
* Project to be completed in conjunction with Leprino's improvements at this same intersection that are in progress.

* US 34 Bypass Decorative Fence: 11th Ave - 17th Ave: Construction of a uniform concrete fence along the north side of Hwy 34.
* Fence will be constructed near Hwy 34, behind existing guard rail
* Construction is complete.

 * Northeast Greeley Neighborhood Improvements:
Construction awarded to Naranjo Civil Constructors.
* Curb, gutter and sidewalk improvements.
* 4th Street: 16th Avenue - 19th Avenue.
* 16th Avenue & 16th Avenue Ct: 2nd St north to alley south of Habitat Lane.
* 2300 block of 9th St. - Sidewalks.
* 7th St & 19th Ave - Sidewalks.
* 23rd Ave. - 5th St - 8th St (east side curb, gutter & sidewalk)
* Construction will occur this summer & fall.
* Joe Marcisofsky 336-4124.

* 2013 Street Overlay Program.
* Pat Hill 350-9540.

* 59th Ave Widening (4th St. - Poudre River Bridge):
* July - August, 2013 Construction.
The roadway will be widened for 6' paved shoulders.
* Dave Wells 350-9796.

* Homestead Park (Between 29th St. & Hwy 34 Bypass - Behind Home Depot):
* Final design completed. * Construction is on going.
* Construction will be completed early this fall. * Sarah Boyd 336-4180

* 65th Ave: Hwy 34 - 29th Street:
* Final design Completed.
* Phase 1 - Stormwater Improvements: Completed
* Phase 2 - Roadway Improvements: Construct July - September, 2013.
Rafael Samanieg 336-4122.

Construction Standards

All construction, development, repair, or adjustments affecting city infrastructure within the City of Greeley must adhere to current standards.

The City of Greeley's Street Design Criteria and Construction Specification document is intended to provide guidance for the design, review, and construction of those public improvements in or under the public right-of-way and public easements.

You may obtain the City of Greeley Street Standards Manual which consists of the Design Criteria and Construction Specifications by contacting our office or downloading the Adobe Acrobat file listed below.

1. Request a Hardcopy Version of the Manual
There will be a $25.00 printing charge and a $5.00 shipping charge if we print off the manual and ship to you directly. Our offices are located at:

City of Greeley Public Works Department
1001 9th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80631

2. Request an Electronic Version of the Manual
You may download the manual for free. The manual is an Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf) and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the manual. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Please register with us if you want to be informed of future changes to our manual(s). It is only necessary to register once. Registration is encouraged but is not required.

To Register - please click here

STANDARD DETAILS: Two sets of ZIP files are available. Individual files are provided for each standard detail in the following formats:

  • PDF - These files are for printing and viewing and should not be used for insertion into construction drawings.

Download Drawings in PDF (Revised Jan 2008)

  • DWG - Consultants should use these AutoCAD drawing files to include into a set of construction plans. If drawings are altered for other uses they are no longer standard. The City logo, Detail Name and Number must be removed by the Consultant. All Non-Standard details must be reviewed and approved by the City of Greeley.

Download Drawings in AutoCAD version 2004 (Revised January 2008)

Included with the AutoCAD download is a plot file to incorporate into your drawings. Pertinent data should you decide to set up your own plot file may be found in the Read Me file. An effort has been made to consolidate the prior numerous layers, colors, etc. into a short group of layers specifically made to make easy revisions to the individual consultants needs. The plot style is color based.

Also included with the standard details are two additional drawings that can be used in the construction plans. These are PUBLIC WORKS SIGNATURE BLOCK and UTILITY NOTIFICATION.

Helpful Links
Please visit the City's comprehensive Standards, Designs, and Specifications page where you can find other publications not presented here. (Such as construction standards and design criteria manuals for Storm Drainage, Water and Sewer, as well as Planning Division Documents.)

Colorado Department of Transportation
Please go to the Helpful Links located on the left hand side of this page to view CDOT's home page for construction standards.

Other City Department Manuals

  • Water & Sewer Manual
  • Drainage / Stormwater Manual


Engineering Services issues permits for new developments, utility construction and street improvements.

The process for getting a Street Cut Permit to work in the Right-of-Way is listed under Permit Requests.
All Construction in the City Right-of-Way must be reviewed and approved by the Water and Sewer Department as well as The Public Works Department before permits can be issued. Preconstruction conferences must also be held for Development projects before permit application.

Contact Barbara Patten at (970)350-9881 for additional information regarding the permit process.

Permit Requests

  1. Contractors must be a licensed and bonded with the City of Greeley.
  2. You must have copies of your plans submitted to the City of Greeley.
  3. Your plans then must have been reviewed and signed by the Water & Sewer Department located at 1100 10th St, and The Public Works Department located at 1001 9th Ave.
  4. A traffic plan for your project must be submitted to the Traffic Division, Jim Neergaard, Traffic Engineering Technician 336-4091, 1001 9th Avenue, for review and approval.
  5. Once all of these steps have been completed a Right of Way/Easement permit will be issued by the Engineering Division.


The complete application for CONSTRUCTION IN THE RIGHT-OF-WAY/EASEMENTS permit contains five documents, with a total of six (6) pages. The ROW Permit Application contains all documents needed for this permit. The Fee Schedule can be used to figure the fee for the permit. Many times a Traffic Control Review Form is needed without a ROW permit.  But if a ROW Permit is needed, all forms are within the ROW Permit Application

More Permits:

Review of Plats

All plats are reviewed by a professional surveyor to assure they comply with the City's standards.

Contact Robert Muirheid, PLS for more information 970-350-9799

The review process is coordinated with the Engineering Development Review Program with the City Managers office.

Please check the Development Coordinator Web Site to view the process for how each set of plans makes it way through the review process.

Approved plats for subdivisions, annexations and zoning changes are forwarded to the GIS program to keep City maps current.